2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 15

(d). $100 for a nonresident fur buyer's license;
(e). $150 for a resident fur dealer's license ($500 deposit required);
(f). $300 for a nonresident fur dealer's license ($1,000 deposit
(g). $10 for a nongame quadruped exhibitor's license;
(h). $25 for a nongame quadruped breeder's license;
(i). $50 for an alligator parts dealer license;
(j). $5 for an alligator parts retailer license;
(k). $4 for each alligator hide tag;
(l). $4 for each whole alligator leaving the state as alligator
shipping label fee;
the state;
(m). $0.25 severance tax for each alligator hide taken from within
(n). $25 for a designated agent collection permit.
ii. All license types prescribed above except nongame quadruped
exhibitor and breeder and resident and nonresident alligator hunter expire
annually on June 30. Nongame quadruped exhibitor and breeder and resident
and nonresident alligator hunter licenses expire annually on December 31.
b. No person may take, attempt to take, or possess a wild alligator in
this state during the open season for taking wild alligators unless he or she has
acquired and possesses an alligator hunter's license. An alligator hunter must
have in possession a valid alligator hunter license to take or sell alligators,
their skins, or parts. Violation of this Subparagraph is a Class Three violation
as described in Title 56.
c. No person
purpose of skinning
acquired a resident
nonresident fur buyer
may engage in the business of buying alligators for the
or buying and selling alligator skins unless he has
or nonresident fur buyers license. No resident or
shall ship furs, alligators, or alligator skins out of state.


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