2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 19

allotments will be taken annually beginning June 1. For alligator hunters
submitting applications with new/additional properties, applications are due by
August 20; for alligator hunters submitting an application for property
previously hunted, applications are due by the day before the season opens.
Tags will not be issued after close of business on the day prior to the season
opening date.
i. Maximum tag issuance to individual landowners, land managers,
or their hunters shall be determined solely by the department. Landowners,
land managers, or their hunters shall certify total acreage owned or represented
on a form prescribed by the department at the time of application. The location
and acreage of the property must be provided which includes parish, township,
range and section delineation figures.
ii. Land managers and hunters must present a signed document
from the landowner verifying their selection to represent that landowner and
the total acreage represented to obtain hide tags.
iii. Alligator hide tags shall be issued to licensed alligator hunters
without charge. Numbered alligator hide tags shall only be issued in the name
of the license holder and are nontransferable. All unused alligator tags shall be
returned within 15 days following the close of the season.
c. Alligator farmers - Alligator hide tags shall be issued to properly
licensed alligator farmers without charge upon request at any time at least two
weeks prior to scheduled harvesting, subject to verification of available stock
by department personnel. All unused alligator tags shall be returned to the
department within 15 days following the last day of the year that issued tags
are valid.
d. If an alligator hunter is cited for hunting alligators out of season, or
at night, or on property other than that for which hide tags were issued, all
unused hide tags and alligators in possession shall be confiscated and the
violator's alligator hunting license shall be revoked. Violation of this
Subparagraph is a Class Four violation as described in Title 56.
e. A hide tag shall be properly attached and locked using the tag's
locking device in the alligator's tail immediately upon possession by an
alligator hunter. Alligator farmers, fur buyers and fur dealers may wait until
farm raised alligators are skinned prior to tagging, but under no circumstances
can the tag be attached using the locking device more than 48 hours after
dispatching the alligator during the open wild alligator harvest season, or more
than seven days after dispatching the alligator outside of the open wild


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