2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 24

b.i. All alligators, alligator hides (raw or salted), or parts of alligators
possessed, sold, purchased, exported, imported, or brought into the state from
another state shall be accompanied by documented evidence that they were
lawfully taken. Documented evidence shall consist of, but not be limited to:
(a). a resource user license or permit number allowing the taking of
alligators and tags or other identification required by the state or country of
origin shall be firmly attached to the alligator, alligator hide, or parts of
alligators; and
(b). a tag or label is affixed to the outside of any package or
container of alligators, alligator hides, or alligator parts that specifies type of
contents, indicates quantity contained, and lists applicable license or permit
ii. Violation of this Subparagraph is a Class Two violation as
described in Title 56.
c. Purchases of alligators, alligator hides, alligator eggs, and alligator
parts are restricted as follows.
i. A licensed alligator hunter may not purchase alligators or
alligator hides from anyone.
ii. A licensed fur buyer may purchase whole alligators or alligator
hides from a Louisiana licensed alligator hunter, licensed alligator farmer,
licensed fur dealer, or another fur buyer.
iii. A licensed fur dealer may purchase whole alligators or alligator
hides from a licensed alligator hunter, licensed alligator farmer, fur buyer or
another fur dealer.
iv. A licensed alligator farmer may purchase live alligators only
from another licensed alligator farmer (with a department approved Alligator
Transfer Authorization Permit) or the department.
v. An alligator farmer may purchase alligator eggs only from
another alligator farmer, a landowner/land manager (with an approved
department alligator egg collection permit), or the department.


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