2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 29

v. Each alligator farmer shall report annually, no later than
December 1, on an official form provided by the department, all activities that
have occurred on the farm for the past year including but not limited to the
number of live alligators as of that date, separated by sizes, the number of eggs
collected and hatched, the purchase and sale of alligators, hides, and parts for
the past year and the numbers of alligators lost. Failure to complete this form
properly and completely will result in nonrenewal of the nongame quadruped
breeder's license. Violation of this Clause is a Class Three violation as
described in Title 56.
vi. Each licensed alligator farmer selling alligator parts to a person
or a restaurant shall furnish that person with a bill of sale for each transaction.
Violation of this Clause is a Class Two violation as described in Title 56.
vii. Each alligator farmer collecting alligator eggs, hatching alligator
eggs, selling alligators for processing, or selling alligator skins shall submit
completed forms as provided by the department within 10 days following
completion of the activity. Violation of this Clause is a Class Three violation as
described in Title 56.
viii. The alligator shipping label fee or the alligator hide tag fee and
the severance tax shall be collected by the department from the alligator
farmer who is shipping alligators or raw alligator skins, or who intends to
custom tan, or use for taxidermy, the alligators or raw skins.
e.i. Fur buyers, fur dealers, alligator farmers and alligator hunters
engaged in the business of buying and/or selling whole alligators or alligator
hides must keep within the state a complete record on forms provided by or
approved by the department, all purchases and sales of whole alligators or
alligator hides as described in Title 56; and
ii. every fur buyer, fur dealer, alligator farmer or alligator hunter
having undressed alligator hides in his possession shall file with the
department within 60 days of purchase or within 60 days of tagging or prior to
shipping out of state or prior to tanning skins in Louisiana, whichever occurs
first, a complete report, on forms provided by or approved by the department,
a detailed description of alligator hides to be shipped or tanned. At the time of
shipment or prior to tanning whole alligator skins, department personnel will
inspect whole hides and replace any broken or reattached tags. Department
personnel will issue the appropriate number of yellow shipping tags, one for
each shipment. At that time, department personnel will affix a seal or locking
device to each container. It shall be a violation of this Subparagraph for any
person other than department personnel or Federal personnel to reopen any


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