2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 31

number that was placed on the wild alligator or farm raised alligator when
harvested. Department personnel will review the manifest for accuracy and
determine the number of original CITES tags referenced for the first time in
order to assess the amount of severance tax and alligator hide tag fees owed by
the shipper. Shipper will be thus informed by the department within 10
working days of receiving the official shipping manifest.
v. At the time of shipment or prior to tanning, department personnel
will inspect alligator skin pieces and replace any broken or reattached tags.
Department personnel will issue the appropriate number of yellow shipping
tags, one for each shipment. At that time, department personnel will affix a
seal or locking device to each container. It shall be a violation of this
Subparagraph for any person other than department personnel or Federal
personnel to reopen any sealed or locked container. In conjunction with the
inspection and prior to department issuance of shipping tag(s) and seal(s) or
locking device(s), department personnel must collect:
(a). all completed buyer/dealer records for skins in each shipment;
(b). stub portion of yellow shipping tag completely filled-out;
(c). severance tax and alligator hide tag fees owed by alligator
hunter, alligator farmer or fur dealer for partial alligator skin pieces being
shipped as referenced in Clause A.11.e.iv.
vi. If any of the above requirements are not satisfied, the shipment
will not be authorized. Violation of this Clause is a Class Three violation as
described in Title 56.
f. Fur dealers engaged in the business of buying and selling alligator
hides must maintain complete records of alligator hides purchased inside and
outside the state as described in Title 56. Fur dealers in the business of tanning
alligator hides must provide a monthly report, on forms provided by or
approved by the department, of all alligator hides being held in inventory.
Failure to maintain complete records and to pay the required severance tax and
alligator hide tag fees subjects any dealer to the full penalties provided and the
immediate revocation of his license by the department. No license shall be
issued to a dealer who has not paid the tax and alligator hide tag fees for the
preceding year. Violation of this Subparagraph is a Class Three violation as
described in Title 56.
g. Each fur buyer or fur dealer in possession of one or more tagged
alligator skins deemed to be of no value, must notify the department of the tag


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