2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 34

transferring ownership to him of a percentage of the confiscated alligators; not
to exceed 50 percent.
14. Alligator Egg Collection
a. Alligator egg collection permits are a three party permit between
the department, the permittee and a landowner/manager who owns or leases
alligator nesting habitat determined by department biologists to be capable of
producing alligator eggs. The numbers of eggs to be collected will be based
upon biological management criteria and will be determined annually by
technical staff of the department. The department only estimates the numbers
of eggs available and assumes no responsibility or offers no guarantee that
those numbers of eggs will be available. Alligator egg collection permits may
be obtained upon application to the department on forms provided by the
department. The annual deadline for submitting applications for alligator egg
collection permits is June 1. This program is experimental and may be changed
at any time based on biological data to insure for proper management of the
wild alligator population.
b. Alligator egg collection permits may be issued by the department
i. permittee is a properly licensed alligator farmer and meets all
applicable requirements in Subsection A.15 of this Section (Alligator Farm
Facility Requirements);
ii. all land documentation required on the alligator egg collection
permit has been presented to the department;
iii. department biologists determine the properties described on the
permit application are indeed alligator nesting habitat and can sustain alligator
egg collections;
iv. applicant has obtained all legal and necessary signatures from
landowners/land managers.
c. It is unlawful for an alligator farmer or a permitted designated
collection agent to collect eggs from properties other than those described in
the alligator egg collection permit. Violation of this Subparagraph is a Class
Four violation as described in Title 56.
d. An alligator farmer or designated collection agent in the act of
collecting or possessing alligator eggs must possess on his or her person a


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