2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 36

department-authorized return to the wild alligators while being processed,
stored, or transported. The department shall be responsible for supervising the
required return of these alligators. A department transfer authorization permit
is not required for return to the wild alligators which are delivered to the farm
of origin no more than 48 hours prior to being processed for wild release.
Releases back to the wild will only occur between March 15 and August 25 of
each calendar year provided that environmental conditions as determined by
the department are favorable for survival of the released alligators. Any farmer
who owes 1000 or more alligators at 48 inches must release at least 1/4 of the
total owed for that year by April 30; at least another quarter by June 15, at
least another quarter by July 31; and the remainder by August 25. A farmer
may do more than the required one-fourth of his releases earlier if available
unscheduled days allow. Should an alligator egg collection permittee be unable
to release the required number of alligators to the wild from his own stock, he
shall be required to purchase additional alligators from another farmer to meet
compliance with the alligator egg collection permit and these regulations, as
supervised by the department. Department-sanctioned participants in ongoing
studies involving survivability and return rates are exempt from these
requirements during the period of the study. Violation of this Subparagraph is a
Class Four violation as described in Title 56.
k. The percentage of alligators to be returned to the wild shall be
selected from the healthiest of all alligators of that year class. Abnormal or
deformed alligators are not acceptable for release into the wild. It is unlawful
for alligators that are to be returned to the wild to be transported out of state.
Violation of this Subparagraph is a Class Four violation as described in Title
15. Alligator Farm Facility Requirements
a. All first time applicants for a nongame quadruped breeder's or
exhibitor's license who will house alligators on their premises shall show
compliance of the following minimum facilities as applicable to their
particular operation during a required facility examination by department
personnel prior to license issuance:
i. secured premises with adequate barriers to prevent escape of
enclosed alligators and entry by alligators from outside the farm and to deter
theft of alligators;
ii. source of clean, fresh water which shall be adequate to ensure for
proper care of all alligator stock and facilities. This requirement shall be
determined by department personnel;


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