2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 39

(b). non-penetrating captive bolt
(c). spinal cord severance followed immediately by pithing the
brain and;
(d). other slaughter methods may be acceptable if they are
approved in writing by the Department after review and consultation
with a trained veterinarian; any slaughter method presented for
review must quickly inflict severe damage to the brain, be humane
and not pose a high risk to administering personnel.
ii. Selected slaughter method must be administered properly so as to
cause a rapid loss of consciousness and death.
iii. Violation of this Subparagraph is a Class Three violation as described
in Title 56.
17. Exceptions
a. The department or an authorized representative of the department
may take by any means and possess alligators, alligator eggs, or parts of
alligators while in the performance of official duties.
b. These regulations shall not prohibit a person from killing an
alligator in immediate defense of his or her life or the lives of others.
Alligators killed under this provision must be reported to the department
within 24 hours.
18. Penalty for Violation
a. In order to facilitate greater control over alligator trafficking, the
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries finds that public welfare
imperatively requires emergency action when the provisions of these
regulations are violated.
b. In addition to all penalties set forth herein, violators may be subject
to criminal prosecution under provisions of the Louisiana Revised Statutes,
particularly Titles 14 and 56 and under Federal law.
c. In addition to all other penalties provided by these rules and by
statute, violation of any part of these regulations may result in the suspension
and/or revocation of any or all alligator licenses/permits held by the violator


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