2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 4

Alligator Egg Collection Permita permit issued by the department
allowing for the collection of alligator eggs on designated properties described
as part of the permit. The permit will be signed by the Secretary or his
designee, the permittee and the landowner/land manager.
Alligator Farm (nongame quadruped)an enclosed area, constructed
so as to prevent the ingress and egress of alligators from surrounding public or
private lands or waters and meeting other specifications and requirements set
by the department, where alligators are bred, propagated, or raised as a
commercial enterprise under controlled conditions. Alligator Farm also
includes alligator ranching wherein eggs are collected from the wild, and
raised, pursuant to departmental license or permit.
Alligator Farmera properly licensed person who raises alligators
under controlled conditions which prohibit free movement of the animals onto
and off of the farm or controlled area, or who collects and sells wild alligator
eggs, and who may harvest alligators under the supervision of the department.
An alligator farmer must possess a valid nongame quadruped breeder's license.
Alligator Hide Tagan official CITES serially numbered tag issued by
the department.
Alligator Huntera properly licensed resident or nonresident person
who takes wild alligators. Alligator hunters are divided into five classes:
i. Commercialanyone who is a bona fide resident licensed by the
department to take wild alligators after having filed application(s) approved by
the department which authorizes the issuance of alligator hide tags to him.
ii. Helperanyone who is a bona fide resident licensed by the
department to act as an authorized agent of a commercial or nonresident
landowner alligator hunter(s) in conducting alligator harvest activities. The
helper may hunt independently of the commercial or nonresident landowner
alligator hunter(s) he is assigned to assist. The helper’s license must bear the
name and license number of the commercial or nonresident landowner
alligator hunter(s) authorizing the licensing of the helper.
iii. Sportanyone who is licensed by the Department and guided by
a commercial, nonresident landowner or helper alligator hunter(s) during
alligator harvest activities; alligator hide tags cannot be issued to a sport
license holder. Sport license holders may be a bona fide resident or a


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