2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 5

iv. Nuisancea bona fide resident licensed alligator hunter who is
contracted or otherwise selected by the department to remove designated
nuisance alligators and who can be assigned alligator hide tags by the
v. Nonresident Landowneranyone who is a nonresident licensed
by the department to take wild alligators on his own property located within
Louisiana, after having filed an application(s) approved by the department
which authorizes the issuance of alligator hide tags to him.
Alligator Partany part of the carcass of an alligator, except the hide
and includes the bony dorsum plates, if detached from the tagged alligator
Alligator Parts Dealerany properly licensed person who deals in
alligator parts other than hides and who:
i. buys unprocessed alligator parts from an alligator hunter, another
parts dealer, or an alligator farmer for the purpose of resale; or
ii. manufactures within the state nonedible alligator parts into a
finished product; or
iii. purchases unprocessed alligator meat or processes alligator meat
for wholesale or retail sale.
Alligator Parts Retailerany properly licensed person who purchases
for retail sale finished alligator parts made from parts other than hides.
Alligator Shipping Labela serially numbered green label issued by
the Department required on each shipment of alligators being transported out
of the state.
Alligator Skin or Hidewhole or partial alligator skins, flanks,
chalecos and bellies (including those bellies attached to or separated from the
tail portion of the alligator skin). Once the tail portion of the skin is separated
from the flanks, chaleco and belly, the tail is considered an alligator part.
Alligator Tailincludes the tail portion of the alligator skin once it is
separated from the flanks, chaleco and belly. For the purposes of this
Subsection, the alligator tail is considered an alligator part.


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