2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 6

Bona Fide Resident
i. any person who has resided in the state of Louisiana
continuously during the twelve months immediately prior to the date on which
he applies for any license and who has manifested his intent to remain in this
state by establishing Louisiana as his legal domicile, as demonstrated with all
of the following, as applicable:
(a). if registered to vote, he is registered to vote in Louisiana;
(b). if licensed to drive a motor vehicle, he is in possession of a
Louisiana driver's license;
(c). if owning a motor vehicle located within Louisiana, he is in
possession of a Louisiana registration for that vehicle;
(d). if earning an income, he has filed a Louisiana state income tax
return and has complied with state income tax laws and regulations.
ii. As to a corporation or other legal entity, a resident shall be any
which is incorporated or otherwise organized under and subject to the laws of
Louisiana, and as to which the principal place of business and more than 50
percent of the officers, partners, or employees are domiciled in Louisiana.
Closed Seasonthat period of time of a calendar year not specifically
included in the open season.
CommissionThe Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.
Common Carrierany agency or person transporting passengers or
property of any description for hire.
Confiscationthe exercise of a right under the police power wherein
property is seized and held pending court order if the seized material is
nonperishable, or disposed of without judicial intervention if perishable.
Consumerrestaurants and other places where alligator, fish, shrimp,
or other aquatic life is prepared for human consumption; or any person using
alligator, fish, shrimp, or other aquatic life for bait or personal consumption.
Departmentthe Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.


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