2019 LDWF Alligator Regulations - Page 9

Open Seasonthat period of time set by the Louisiana Wildlife and
Fisheries Commission, during which wild alligators or their eggs may be
lawfully taken.
Out-of-State Shipping Seala special locking device or seal supplied
by the department and placed on or across a shipping container by department
personnel prior to shipping out of state.
Out-Of-State Shipping Tagan official, serially numbered tag, yellow
in color, issued by the department required on each shipment of alligator hides
shipped out of state.
Partfor purposes of this section, a part is a division of a subsection.
Peltthe skin or hide of a quadruped.
Peltingremoving the skin and/or fur of a quadruped in such a manner
as to render it marketable.
Personincludes any individual person, association, corporation,
partnership, or other legal entity recognized by law.
Pithinginsertion of a rod into the foramen magnum of the alligator
followed by four (4) to six (6) circular motions of such rod to destroy the
Pole Huntingthe act of taking an alligator from a den with a hook
pole or snagging device of any type and includes using such devices to induce
an alligator to move from a den prior to taking.
Possessin its different tenses, the act of having in possession or
control, keeping, detaining, restraining, or holding as owner, or as agent,
bailee, or custodian for another.
Processed Alligator Partany part (and its resulting products) that has
been removed from a legally taken alligator and for commercial purposes
converted into a finished alligator part, or meat prepared and packaged for
retail sale.
Propagationthe holding of live alligators for production of offspring.


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