2019 LDWF Commercial Fishing Regs - Page 11

Contact: Peyton Cagle, 337.491.2575, pcagle@wlf.la.gov
Additional Licenses & Permits
In addition to the applicable licenses and permits listed on pages 5-6, you must have the following permits to participate in the following activities.
If you:
You must have a/an:
Fees and notes:
Harvest shrimp in federal
Federal shrimp permit
issued by NOAA Fisheries
There is a moratorium on these permits; you may only apply for one if an original
permit is transferred to you. View the current list of transferable permits at go.usa.
gov/3FcW5. Contact NOAA Fisheries at 877.376.4877 for more information.
Commercially harvest
shrimp for live bait
Special Bait Dealer Permit
$110 (see page 10 for additional details)
Use or possess shrimp
trawls, butterfly nets,
skimmer nets or cast nets
Commercial Gear License
for each piece of gear
$25 resident, $100 nonresident. You must have a license for each piece of gear.
You must also pay an annual gear fee ($10 resident, $40 nonresident).
Harvest Areas
Louisiana’s state waters are divided into inside and outside waters.
The “inside/outside line” separates these waters. It generally follows
the coastline from the Louisiana/Texas state line to the Louisiana/
Mississippi state line. Waters landward of the inside/outside line are
inside or inshore waters; waters seaward of the inside/outside line out
to three nautical miles are outside waters or the territorial sea. Inside
waters are further divided by major estuarine basin. The Commission
may amend the shrimp line due to environmental changes.* See
the latest coordinates and maps at http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/
The Louisiana Legislature, the Commission and LDWF are responsible
for managing the shrimp fishery in inshore waters and the territorial
sea. The Gulf Council and NOAA Fisheries are responsible for federal
*In March 2018, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission took
action to adopt a rule amending the inside/outside shrimp line. These
changes became effective Sept. 1, 2018.
You may only harvest shrimp during open shrimp seasons (unless you
are permitted to harvest live bait under a Special Bait Dealer Permit).
The Commission sets shrimp seasons for Louisiana’s state waters by
area according to scientific information about environmental and
water conditions and the growth rates, distribution and abundance
of shrimp. They also consider input from the industry and other
stakeholders. In general, shrimp seasons by area are:
• Inside: Open when enough market-sized shrimp are available
in these waters for harvest. The spring/brown shrimp season
generally runs May to July. The fall/white shrimp season is
generally open mid-August to mid-December; some waters stay
open into January.
• Outside: Year-round, except from mid or late December to April
or May in certain areas to protect small white shrimp and allow
them to grow to market size. Through the authority given by the
Commission, the Secretary can close these waters at other times
of the year if necessary.
• Federal Waters Off Louisiana: Year-round.
Go to www.wlf.la.gov/fishing/shrimp-seasons for the most up to date
information on Louisiana’s shrimp seasons.
Size/Possession Limits
There is no size limit for any shrimp harvested during the spring open season nor for brown or seabob shrimp harvested during any open season.
White shrimp is legal size when a pound of white shrimp equals 100 whole shrimp or less. You may not harvest sub-legal white shrimp, except
from Oct. 15 through the third Monday in December. Also, when more than half of your catch is seabob or brown shrimp, no more than 10% (by
weight) of your catch may be sub-legal size white shrimp.
Legal Gear
You may only use trawls, butterfly nets, skimmer nets and cast nets to harvest shrimp during open seasons in Louisiana’s waters.
Bycatch Reduction Requirements
When fishing in federal waters, shrimp trawlers must install bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) in each trawl to reduce catch of non-targeted
species. Go to go.usa.gov/xKJ7k for more information. Email Susan.Gerhart@noaa.gov or call 727.824.5305 with any BRD-related questions.


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