2019 LDWF Commercial Fishing Regs - Page 13

Must be at least 5/8-inch bar or 1-1/4 inches stretched mesh. Must be at least 3/4-inch bar or 1.5 inches stretched mesh during
the fall inshore shrimp season from the western shore of Vermilion Bay and Southwest Pass at Marsh Island to the Atchafalaya
Size and
• A single stationary butterfly net may measure no more than 22 feet vertically or horizontally.
• Individual nets of double butterfly nets may measure no more than 12 feet vertically or horizontally, unless used on a vessel, in
which case they may measure no more than 12 feet vertically by 16 feet horizontally.
• Double skimmer nets may have an opening circumference of no more than 72 feet for each net and a maximum lead line length
of 33 feet.
• Butterfly nets may be mounted no more than 24 inches from the side of the vessel.
• Skimmer nets may be mounted to the horizontal net frame at any distance from the gunwale of the vessel as long as the
mounting distance and horizontal length of the net frame does not exceed 20 feet from the gunwale.
• You may not tie individual nets together.
• No sweeper devices, leads, extensions, wings or other attachments.
• You must mark butterfly nets with a tag listing your name, address and net license number when using them in East and West
Passes of the Calcasieu River, Grand Bayou and in Oyster Bayou (all within Cameron Parish only); if found unmarked, these nets
will be seized by LDWF agents or other authorized employees. This tag must be attached to the net, frame or any other part
directly attached to the net or frame and must be visible above the water at all times. Letters must be at least 3 inches high and
of appropriate width to make it visible and readable.
Example of Legal and Illegal Skimmer Net Frames
Contact: Peyton Cagle, 337.491.2575, pcagle@wlf.la.gov
Legal Gear
You may only use the following gear to harvest crabs in Louisiana

Crab traps
Crab drop nets
Trawl, skimmer and butterfly nets*
Trotlines, handlines and bushlines
Dip and cast nets
*You may only use trawls and butterfly and skimmer nets to harvest
crabs during open shrimp seasons and must abide by commercial
shrimping regulations.
You may not use dredges to intentionally harvest crabs.
Commercial Gear License
In addition to the applicable licenses and permits listed on pages
5-6, you must have the following Commercial Gear Licenses to use or
possess commercial fishing gear:

Any legal number of crab traps*: $50 resident, $200 nonresident
Each butterfly, skimmer or trawl net: $25 resident, $100
nonresident, plus an annual gear fee ($10 resident, $40
Each cast, dip or drop net: $25 resident, $100 nonresident
Any legal number of bush, hand or trotlines: $25 resident, $100
*Any commercial fisherman applying for a Commercial Crab Trap Gear
License must have either (1) possessed a valid Commercial Crab Trap
Gear License in any two of the following years: 2011, 2012, 2013 and
2014; or (2) possessed a valid Wholesale/Retail Seafood Dealer License
and can demonstrate crab landings through trip ticket submissions
during any two years between 2011 and 2014. Otherwise, they must
first enroll in and complete a crab industry professionalism program.
See www.wlf.la.gov/crabtraining for details.


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