2019 LDWF Commercial Fishing Regs - Page 16

Contact: Carolina Bourque (general oyster information), 337-735-8726, cbourque@wlf.la.gov or
Marc Maniscalco (Oyster Lease Program), 504.284.5277, mmaniscalco@wlf.la.gov
Additional Licenses & Permits
In addition to the applicable licenses and permits listed on pages 5-6, you must have the following permits to participate in the following activities.
If you:
You must have a/an:
Fees and notes:
Are the captain of
commercial vessel harvesting Oyster Harvester License
or possessing oysters
$100 resident, $400 nonresident; see Oyster Harvester
License Training Requirements below.
Are in charge of an oyster
cargo vessel
Oyster Cargo Vessel Permit
$250 resident, $1,105 nonresident; permit holders must
have a vessel monitoring system (VMS) acceptable to
LDWF’s Law Enforcement Division.
Harvest oysters from
Calcasieu Lake
Calcasieu Lake Oyster Harvester Permit
No fee
Public Oyster Seed Ground Vessel Permit
$250 resident, $1,000 nonresident for a single scraper
vessel; $500 resident, $2,000 nonresident for a double
scraper vessel; issued in the name of the vessel owner;
identifies the permitted vessel; cannot be sold, exchanged
or transferred. LDWF is currently prohibited by law from
accepting applications for new permits but will be accepting
them once a professionalism program is developed
(expected to be completed by 2019).
Out-of-State Oyster Landing Permit
$100 resident and nonresident; permit is valid for one
calendar year; apply in person at LDWF; permit holders
must have a VMS acceptable to LDWF’s Law Enforcement
Take and carry oysters from
public oyster seed grounds
and/or reservations (not
including those in Calcasieu
or Sabine Lakes)
Harvest oysters from a
private lease in Louisiana
and land them outside of
Grow oysters in cages, on- or
off-bottom, on permitted
• Alternative Oyster Culture Permit
state-owned or private water • Oyster Harvester License
bottoms for commercial
• Commercial Fisherman License
Application fee is $100; permits are granted for a 10-year
period. You must be 18 years old and a Louisiana resident
(or a corporation organized in Louisiana). You must also
have a Coastal Use Permit from the Louisiana Department of
Natural Resources as well as a Section 10 and/or Section 9
Obstruction to Navigation Permit and Section 404 Fill Permit
from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Use or possess oyster
scrapers (dredges) or tongs
Commercial Gear License for each piece of gear
• Each scraper: $25 resident, $200 nonresident
• Each tong: $30 resident, $240 nonresident
Are a restaurant or grocer
selling raw oysters
Retail Seafood Dealer License
$105 resident, $405 nonresident
Buy oysters in Louisiana from LDH Shellstock Dealer or Shucker-Packer
commercial fishermen for
Permit (plus a Wholesale/Retail Seafood Dealer
sale or resale
License. See pages 5-6)
Shuck oysters to sell to
another dealer for resale
LDH Shucker-Packer Permit (plus a Wholesale/
Retail Seafood Dealer License. See pages 5-6)
Buy oysters from harvesters
and reship them
LDH Shellstock Shipper or Reshipper Permit
(plus a Wholesale/Retail Seafood Dealer
License. See pages 5-6)
Buy oysters only from
wholesale/retail dealers
LDH Distribution and Reshipping Permit (plus a
Wholesale/Retail Seafood Dealer License. See
pages 5-6)
Are a seafood retailer
shucking oysters for sale to
the public
LDH Retail Permit (plus a Wholesale/Retail
Seafood Dealer License. See pages 5-6)
LDH permit fees range from $100 to $500, depending on
gross annual sales. Contact an LDH office or inspector to
obtain a permit:
• Gordon LeBlanc: 225.342.7539
• Chris Lemaire: 225.342.7540
Oyster dealers must have and implement a written Hazard
Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.


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