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Contact: Richard Williams, 225.765.0121, rrwilliams@wlf.la.gov
Get Involved!
To manage Louisiana’s fisheries, LDWF and the Commission rely
on scientific data and landings records as well as public input. Our
decisions directly impact you, so it’s important that we have your input
as we define management goals and strategies. We encourage you to
participate in the management process to ensure that we consider
your interests and that you understand the regulatory process and
resulting management actions.
LDWF has organized task forces for Louisiana’s shrimp, blue crab, oyster
and finfish industries. These task forces are made up of representatives
from the respective industries as well as relevant state agencies. They
are responsible for studying and monitoring their industries and making
recommendations to LDWF, the Commission and other state agencies
on managing and developing their industries. Task forces meet regularly
and meetings are open to the public. Read more online at:

Shrimp Task Force: www.wlf.la.gov/fishing/shrimp-task-force
Blue Crab Task Force: www.wlf.la.gov/fishing/louisiana-bluecrab-task-force
Oyster Task Force: www.wlf.la.gov/fishing/oyster-task-force
Finfish Task Force: www.wlf.la.gov/fishing/finfish-task-force
The Wildlife and Fisheries Commission’s monthly meetings and our
open regulatory process provide additional opportunities for public
input. Please visit the Commission’s website for more information:
Sign up to receive text and/or email notifications about season openings
and closings, regulatory changes and task force and Commission meetings at
Louisiana Fisheries Forward
Louisiana Fisheries Forward (LFF) is a voluntary education and training program for members of Louisiana’s fishing community. Created by LDWF
and Louisiana Sea Grant, LFF delivers training videos and fact sheets on a number of topics such as how to be a commercial fisherman and
seafood business finance and management, as well as hands-on workshops, trainings and demonstrations to showcase new technology and best
practices. LFF’s goal is to help improve the economic success of Louisiana’s fishing industry. Learn more at lafisheriesforward.org.
Louisiana Wild Seafood Certificate Program
Through the Louisiana Wild Seafood Certification Program (LWSCP),
LDWF aims to build a brand that guarantees the origin of Louisiana
wild-caught seafood. Through strict chain of custody requirements,
the program guarantees that all seafood products bearing the
Certified Louisiana Seafood label were caught in Louisiana or Gulf
waters by a licensed Louisiana fisherman, landed at a Louisiana dock
and processed and packaged by a Louisiana-based company. The
program provides education for participants on best seafood handling
and sanitation practices to ensure the utmost safety and quality.
When a buyer sees this label, they can be confident they’re buying
authentic Louisiana wild-caught seafood, a premium product known
for freshness, consistent quality and sustainability, and that they’re
supporting our local fishing communities.

Point-of-sale materials such as decals, brochures and apparel.
Access to program partners including the Louisiana Seafood
Promotion and Marketing Board, Audubon GULF, NOAA Fisheries,
Louisiana Sea Grant and other partners who purchase and
promote Certified Louisiana Seafood.
Licensed Louisiana commercial fishermen are automatically eligible
for the program; licensed Louisiana Fresh Products dealers and
Wholesale/Retail Seafood dealers must obtain a permit to participate.
They must also comply with all state and federal permitting and
reporting requirements. Find out more or sign up to participate at
By branding and showcasing Louisiana seafood, LWSCP helps suppliers
increase the value of their seafood and remain competitive in the
marketplace. LWSCP participants benefit from free marketing support,
such as:

Market portal linking Certified Louisiana Seafood suppliers with
Promotions through the program website, social media and
events including seafood festivals and industry conventions.


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