2020 LDWF Recreational Fishing Regulations - Page 11

Angling: to fish with rod, fishing pole or hook and line, with or without a reel.
Bag Limit/Creel Limit: the maximum number of a species permitted to be taken by one person in any one day.
Bait Seine: a net measuring no more than 30 feet in length with a mesh size not exceeding
1/4-inch mesh bar, 1/2-inch mesh stretched, and operated solely on foot and solely by hand,
without any mechanical device, pulley or mechanical assistance whatsoever.
Bait Species: all species of fish and other aquatic life utilized for bait.
Bandit Gear: vertical hook-and-line gear with rods attached to a vessel and with line retrieved
with rods and with line retrieved by manual, electric or hydraulic reels. (Use prohibited in
state waters)
Bona Fide Resident:
A. any person who has resided in this state continuously during the six months immediately
prior to the date on which he applies for any license and who has manifested his intent
to remain in this state by establishing Louisiana as his legal domicile, as demonstrated by
compliance with all of the following, as applicable.
• If registered to vote, he is registered to vote in Louisiana.
• If licensed to drive a motor vehicle, he is in possession of a valid Louisiana driver’s
• If owning a motor vehicle located within Louisiana, he is in possession of a valid Louisiana registration for that vehicle.
• If earning an income, he has filed a Louisiana state income tax return and has complied with state income tax laws and regulations.
B. any person who possesses a resident license from any other state shall not qualify for a
resident license in Louisiana.
Can: a metal container of not more than 55-gallon capacity which is set for the purpose of
taking fish.
Cast Net: a light circular net of vegetable or synthetic materials that is weighted around its
perimeter and is thrown by hand over the water.
Crab Dropnet: any device constructed with vegetable, synthetic, or metal fibers and without
flues or throat, attached to a wire frame that forms a net basket and is used for the purpose
of taking crabs. This device shall be operated solely by hand and fished in a stationary, passive
Crab Trap: a cube-shaped, device constructed of wire, no larger than 30 inches on any side,
and with either a bait box or materials providing cover or shelter for peeler crabs. The entrance funnels must extend no further than 7 inches into the inside of the trap, with the openings to the entrance funnels on the vertical wall of the trap such that the horizontal diameter
of each opening is at least one and one-half times the vertical diameter of the opening.
Crawfish Net: any device constructed with vegetable or synthetic material without flues or
throats attached to a wire frame that forms a net basket and is used for the purpose of taking
Crawfish Trap: any device constructed of coated wire with the opening of the throats or flues
not exceeding 2 inches and which is used for the express purpose of taking crawfish.
Dip Net: a net, usually a deep mesh bag of vegetable or synthetic materials, on a fixed frame
not to exceed 3 feet in diameter attached to a handle that is held and worked solely by hand
by no more than one individual, and without any mechanical assistance.
Finfish: (noun) any of numerous cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates that characteristically swim
with fins, breathe with gills and are covered with skin or scales.
Fish: (noun) all finfish, shellfish and crustaceans and all other species of aquatic life.
Fork Length: distance from tip of snout to midline of caudal fin. Used to measure some fish
with deeply forked tails, such as amberjack.
Freshwater Game Fish: see “Game Fish” definition.
Freshwater Recreational Fish: any species of freshwater fish taken for recreational purposes.
Fyke Net: any cone-shaped net of vegetable or synthetic fibers having throats or flues which
are stretched over a series of rings or hoops to support the webbing, with vertical panels of
net wings set obliquely on one or both sides of the mouth of the cone-shaped net.


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