2020 LDWF Recreational Fishing Regulations - Page 12

20. Game Fish: all of the following species of freshwater and saltwater fish.
A. Freshwater Game Fish: largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus), shadow bass (Ambloplites ariommus), black and white crappie (Pomoxis nigromaculatus, P. annularis), white bass (Morone chrysops), yellow bass (Morone
mississippiensis), striped bass (Morone saxatilis), hybrid striped bass (striped bass-white
bass cross or striped bass-yellow bass cross), and any species of bream (Lepomis sp.).
B. Saltwater Game Fish: any sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus), blue marlin (Makaira indica),
black marlin (Makaira nigricans), striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax), hatchet marlin (Tetrapturus spp.), white marlin (Tetrapturus albidus), and red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus).
21. Hook: any curved or bent device attached to a line for the purpose of taking fish or alligator and
consisting of not more than one eye and one shank with no more than three barbs.
22. Hoop Net: a cone-shaped net of vegetable or synthetic materials having throats or flues and
which are stretched over a series of rings or hoops to support the webbing.
23. Landing Net: means a net, usually a mesh bag of vegetable or synthetic material on a fixed
frame attached to a handle held and operated by hand for the sole purpose of assisting in the
landing of fish legally caught by other legal gear.
24. Lead or Wing Net: a panel of netting of any mesh size or length, with or without weights
and floats, attached to one or both sides of the mouth of a cone-shaped net having flues or
throats, and set so as to deflect or guide fish toward the mouth of the net.
25. Licensee: any resident or nonresident lawful holder of an effective license duly issued under
the authority of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF).
26. Lower Jaw Fork Length (LJFL): longest distance from tip of lower jaw to midline of caudal fin.
Used to measure billfish such as marlin, swordfish and paddlefish.
27. Mesh Size: the full measure of the mesh as found in use when measured as follows:
A. Bar measure is the length of the full bar stretched from the near side of one knot to the
far side of the other after being tarred, treated or otherwise processed.
B. Stretched measure is the full stretched distance from the near side of one knot to the far
side of the opposite knot diagonally across the mesh. This measurement shall not be applicable to weaved or woven nets commonly used for menhaden fishing. In woven nets,
stretched measure is the full stretched distance of the opening of the mesh; bar measure
is one-half of stretched measure.
28. Monofilament: a single untwisted synthetic filament.
29. Nonresident: any person who is not a bona fide resident as that term is defined by R.S.
56:8(69) (See Bona Fide Resident on page 13).
30. Possess: in its different tenses, the act of having in possession or control, keeping, detaining,
restraining or holding as owner, or as agent, bailee or custodian for another. When possession
of fish or other wildlife is prohibited, reference is made equally to such fish or other wildlife
coming from without the state as to those taken within the state.
31. Recreational Purposes: a purpose other than deriving or attempting to derive an income of
any kind from the harvest of fish. “Income” as used herein shall not include a prize or award
offered as a prize in a fishing tournament.
32. Reptiles and Amphibians: native frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, lizards and salamanders.
33. Saltwater Fish: all species of finfish which normally inhabit the saline waters of the marine
and estuarine environment for most of their life cycle.
34. Saltwater Game Fish: see “Game Fish” definition.
35. Saltwater Recreational Fish: any species of saltwater fish taken for recreational purposes.
36. Shellfish: an aquatic invertebrate species having a shell. These species include, but are not
limited to oysters, clams, crawfish, shrimp, crabs and other mollusks and crustaceans.
37. Slat Trap: any device, used solely for the capture of catfish, which is cylindrical, rectangular, or
square in cross section configuration, constructed of slats forming the length of the trap, with
at least one pair of slats spaced at least 1 inch apart from each other on at least three sides
of the trap and which is no more than 6 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter or width and which
has one or more cone-shaped throats, flues or entrances.
38. Slot Limit: protective size limits denoting that fish within the range, inclusive of stated measurements, must be returned to the water immediately.
39. Snagging: a method of hooking fish without the fish taking the bait with their mouth. The
angler jerks the fishing line out of the water as soon as any movement is felt on the line.
40. Stupefying Substances or Devices: explosives or chemicals or comparable destructive fishing
practices as a capture technique.
2019 Louisiana Fishing Regulations


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