2020 LDWF Recreational Fishing Regulations - Page 13

41. Take: in its different tenses, the attempt or act of hooking, pursuing, netting, capturing, snaring, trapping, shooting, hunting, wounding or killing by any means or device.
42. Test Trawl: a trawl which is not more than 16 feet along the corkline or 20 feet along the
headline or headrope.
43. Total Length: the longest measurable distance from the outermost portion of the snout
lengthwise to the outermost portion of the caudal fin.
44. Transport: in its different tenses, the act of shipping, attempting to ship, receiving or delivering for shipment, transporting, conveying, carrying or exporting by air, land or water, or by any
means whatsoever.
45. Trawl: any net, generally funnel-shaped, pulled through the water or along the bottom with
otter boards to spread the mouth open while being fished. The term “trawl” also means and
includes plumb staff beam trawls that do not exceed 16 feet, and that do not use otter boards
but are held open laterally by a horizontal beam, and vertically by two vertical beams (plumb
staffs), and that are used while the vessel is under way. Trawls are only allowed to be used in
state waters when and where the shrimp season is open.
46. Trigger: any tension-loaded device that contains several feet of line and a hook or hooks,
which is baited and set, and which automatically hooks and plays a fish.
47. Turtle Trap: any device designed to attract and/or capture turtles in aquatic habitats. It must
be open above water to allow respiration of air-breathing animals and clearly marked “turtle
48. Venting Tool: a device intended to deflate the abdominal cavity of a fish to release the gases
so the fish may be released with minimum damage.
49. Wing Net: see Lead Net on page 14.
50. Wire Net: a cone-shaped net of vegetable (cotton, flax, burlap) or synthetic materials (nylon,
polypropylene, plastic), with a mesh no less than 1-inch square or 2 inches stretched, having
throats or flues and which is stretched over wire of 5-inch mesh or greater to support the


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