2020 LDWF Recreational Fishing Regulations - Page 41

Area to have an approved TED installed in
each net that is rigged for fishing. However,
certain exemptions to these requirements
may apply (e.g. vessels without mechanical
advantage or power net retrieval, test
trawls). A net is rigged for fishing if it is in
the water, or if it is shackled, tied, or otherwise connected to any trawl door or board,
or to any tow rope, cable, pole or extension, either on board or attached in any
manner to the shrimp trawler.
More information concerning federal
shrimp vessel permits, Turtle Excluder
Device (TED) and Bycatch Reduction
Devices (BRD) requirements and exemptions can be obtained by contacting the
NOAA Fisheries Service at 727-824-5312
for TEDs or 727- 824-5305 for BRDs or at
www.nmfs.noaa.gov. Detailed information
on TEDs may be found at the following link
to the NOAA Fisheries website www.nmfs.

No net or beam trawl used for taking
fish or shrimp from the saltwater
areas of the state is allowed to be left

Taking shrimp with saltwater trawls
from May 1 - Sept. 15 each year is prohibited in state waters on the south
side of Grand Isle from Caminada Pass
to Barataria Pass in Jefferson Parish;
from the southeast side of the
Caminada bridge to the northwest side
of Barataria Pass at Fort Livingston,
extending from the beach side of
Grand Isle to a distance of 500 feet
beyond the shoreline into the Gulf of

Trawls cannot be used for any purpose
in state waters during the closed
shrimp season.
No person is allowed to trawl over any
privately leased bedding grounds or
oyster propagating place that is staked
off, marked or posted as required by
law or regulation.
Trawling is prohibited in Lake
Maurepas and that portion of Lake
Pontchartrain from the shoreline to
1.25 miles out from the Jefferson/
Orleans Parish line east to the eastern
shore of South Point, from South Point
to North Shore along the railroad
bridge west from North Shore to
Goose Point.
Trawling is prohibited between the
railroad bridge and Interstate 10 in
Lake Pontchartrain.
Trawling at night is prohibited in
Cameron Parish sections of Calcasieu
Lake, the Black Lake Bayou System,
Grand Bayou, Little Burton’s Ditch,
Grand Lake, and White Lake.
Trawls are prohibited in the waters of
Bayou Judge Perez (Bayou Hermitage)
from its entrance into Lake Judge
Perez (Lake Hermitage) to Devils
Bayou, a distance of approximately 1
mile, located in Plaquemines Parish.
Trawling is prohibited north of the LA
Highway 631 Bridge at Des Allemands,
Louisiana, and in Lac Des Allemands,
its streams and tributaries.
Trawling is also prohibited in the cove
immediately adjacent to Cypremort
Point State Park landward of a line
from Blue Point to Cypremort Point.
Be part of the solution

Use shore-side toilet facilities before going out on the water.
Dispose of waste from portable toilets or on-board sewage
holding tanks properly.
Don’t throw anything overboard.
Bring cut fishing line ashore.
Avoid discharging bilge waste into the water.
Be careful when fueling; try to prevent spills.
For more information on boat sewage disposal facilities or the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) Grant
Program, please contact the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at (225) 7652864, or visit the Louisiana CVA web page at www.wlf.la.gov/boating/clean-vessel-program.


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