2020 LDWF Recreational Fishing Regulations - Page 7

Valid to fish from a charter vessel in saltwater areas of the state, with a licensed guide on board
at all times.
Valid to fish under the direction of a charter operation in a licensed charter skiff in saltwater
areas of the state.
Sportsman’s Paradise License: Includes Basic and Saltwater Fishing, Basic and Big Game
Hunting, Bow, Primitive Firearms, Turkey, LA Duck and WMA Hunting Permit, and all recreational gear licenses (EXCEPT recreational trawls greater than 16 feet in length).
Senior Fish/Hunt License: Any resident who reached age 60 on June 1, 2000 or later must
obtain a Senior Hunt/Fish License to hunt or fish. This license is in lieu of basic and saltwater
fishing, basic hunting, big game, bow, primitive firearms, LA duck license, turkey stamp and
WMA hunting permit. It does not include special gear such as trawls, crab traps, crawfish traps,
hoop nets, etc.
NR Student: Applies to a nonresident who is enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited
college, university or high school that has a physical campus in Louisiana. Verification of full-time
status on the Department form available at www.wlf.la.gov/licenses. Any person fishing under a
“student license” must carry valid student I.D. card indicating current full time status while hunting or fishing.
LA Disabled Fishing and Saltwater: See page 12.
Recreational Offshore Landing Permit (ROLP): See page 10.
Recreational wire and hoop nets shall be used only in the geographical areas of the state designated as freshwater (see page 20).
Lifetime Fishing
(5-13 years old)
Lifetime Fishing
(14 years and older)
Lifetime Hunt/Fish
(0-4 years old)
Lifetime Hunt/Fish
(5-13 years old)
Lifetime Hunt/Fish
(14 years and older)
NR Lifetime Hunt/Fish
Lifetime Resident
Senior Hunt/Fish
(60 or older)
Lifetime Fishing Gear
10 times
annual fee
per gear
Lifetime fishing licenses include both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Lifetime licenses are available from Baton
Rouge office only. Allow three weeks processing time. Applicants are required to
have lived in Louisiana for the immediate 6
months prior to making application to
qualify for resident rates. Mandatory documents required for applicants over the age
of 18 are a valid LA driver’s license issued a
minimum of 6 months and one of the following:
1. Louisiana voter's registration card
2. Louisiana vehicle registration or
3. Two previous year's state tax filing,
stamped by Department of Revenue
and Taxation.
(Applications available at www.wlf.la.gov/
licenses or by calling 225-765-2887)
Mandatory paperwork for applicants under
the age of 18 is the following:

Original or certified copy of the birth

Copy of both parents driver’s license


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