Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations 2019-2020 - Page 105

Small Game and Waterfowl: Same as outside EXCEPT WATERFOWL CLOSED after 2 p.m. and
EXCEPT CLOSED Nov. 2-3 (North Tract only) and Nov. 29 - Dec. 1 and open to squirrel hunting
during the spring season, May 2-10, with or without dogs. Beagles allowed for rabbits and
dogs allowed for squirrel hunting Jan. 6 - Feb. 29. On that portion designated as Small Game
Emphasis Area, training of beagles for rabbit and dogs for squirrel allowed June 1 - Aug. 31.
Youth Squirrel Hunt: Sept. 28-29
Raccoon (nighttime): Jan. 6 - Feb. 29
Mourning Dove: Sept. 7 & 14 through the end of first split. CLOSED Sept. 8-13 of first split.
Second and third splits are same as outside EXCEPT youth hunt on Northern Tract during
the opening day of the first split (Sept. 7). Hunt restricted to youths 17 or younger and
supervising adult who must be 18 years of age or older. The supervising adult must maintain visual and voice contact with the youth at all times.
Owner: LDWF (11,800 acres, Lafayette Office); U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (15,220
acres); U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (16,618 acres)
South Farm: The area known as the South Farm is located on the East Side of Sherburne WMA.
No hunting will be allowed EXCEPT specified lottery hunts within the levee system of the
farm from the Friday before the Youth Lottery Deer Hunt until the day after the last waterfowl
hunt on the South Farm. Waterfowl hunting by lottery only during the open regular duck
hunting season (i.e., early teal season hunting allowed and goose hunting allowed after the
close of Duck Season). Hunting will be allowed in the wooded portions east of the waterfowl
impoundments. Consult the WMA maps for exact locations. Retriever training allowed on
selected portions of the WMA. Contact the Lafayette Field Office for specific details. Vehicular
traffic prohibited on East Atchafalaya River levee within Sherburne WMA boundaries. Contact
the Lafayette Field Office for details and description of “South Farm.”
Rifle, Pistol, Archery & Skeet Range: Rifle, Pistol and Archery Ranges are open daily from official
sunrise to official sunset. The Skeet/Trap Range has set days and hours of operation, for
more information call the Range Complex at 337-566-2251. Additional information may be
obtained from the Lafayette Field Office, 200 Dulles Dr., Lafayette, LA 70506, phone number,
Physically Challenged Deer Hunting Area: Access restricted. Check WMA map for location and call
the Lafayette Field Office for details and applications. Hunting by reservation for wheelchair
confined PCHP permittees only. Same hunting seasons listed below for deer.
Physically Challenged Waterfowl Hunting Area: Access restricted. Call Lafayette Field Office for
further details. Hunting by reservation for wheelchair confined PCHP permittees only.
Bird Dog Training Area: Open to bird dog training year-round EXCEPT CLOSED during eithersex modern firearm hunts for deer, WMA turkey season, and opening weekend of first and
second segments of dove season. Contact the Lafayette Field Office (337-262-2080) for
more information.
Turkey: All turkeys harvested must be weighed and checked at WMA headquarters.
AREA CLOSED: Oct. 26-27 EXCEPT to youth and physically challenged deer hunters.


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