Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations 2019-2020 - Page 115

Hunting Dogs Usage:
Hunting Dog Usage During Deer Firearm Seasons (only for KNF areas outside Catahoula and
Red Dirt National Wildlife Management Preserves): Hunting dogs that are legal for
hunting species other than deer, and that stay within voice-command distance of handler are allowed during deer gun hunts. Hunting dogs that range beyond voice-command distance of handler are prohibited during deer gun hunts. The training of deer or
hog dogs is prohibited year-round.
Hunting with recognized bird-hunting dogs during quail and woodcock seasons, recognized raccoon-hunting dogs during raccoon hunting season and recognized pointer/
retriever dogs during migratory bird season is permissible. Only beagles which do not
exceed 15 inches at the front shoulder may be used for rabbit hunting. All dogs must be
collared with owner’s name and phone number attached. Dogs running at large are prohibited. The owner/handler shall be liable.
Hog hunting with dogs is NOT allowed on KNF. Contact your local ranger district office
for additional information.
Hunting Dog Training: From March 1 - Sept. 30, EXCEPT ALL dogs prohibited during
Turkey Hunting Season. Allowed only in the following circumstances: dogs are within
voice-command distance of handler; dogs are participating in Nighttime Raccoon
Chases mentioned below; dogs are participating in licensed events conducted by
nationally recognized kennel clubs (KNF permit required - contact Forest Supervisor’s
office); dogs are under close control of hikers; and any dog on a leash. No firearms
allowed while training dogs. Hunting dog training prohibited in Catahoula and Red Dirt
National Wildlife Management Preserves.
Hunting Dog Nighttime Chase Only: (All breeds allowed, no deer or hog dogs). May 1 Sept. 30, Tuesdays and Fridays only. No firearms allowed. Nighttime ATV/UTV travel is
prohibited. Hunting dog nighttime chase is prohibited in Catahoula and Red Dirt
National Wildlife Management Preserves during this period.
Bird Dog Training Area: Only that portion of the Vernon Unit known as the Dove Field.
Bird dogs may be trained year round EXCEPT CLOSED during turkey season. Permit
from LDWF required to use pen-raised quail.
Owner: U. S. Forest Service: (Catahoula NWMP - 36,000 acres in Grant and Winn parishes;
Red Dirt NWMP - 38,000 acres in Natchitoches Parish)
Season Permit required for hunting, fishing, and/or trapping on the preserve. For a permit
or to get additional information contact the Forest Supervisor’s office, Winn, Catahoula
or Kisatchie Ranger District offices, or www.fs.fed.us/r8/kisatchie/hunting/index.html. In
addition to the Season Permit a Self Clearing Daily Permit is required for all hunters during
all deer gun hunts and turkey hunts. The self-clearing daily permits will be available at the
main check stations, hunter camps within the NWMP, Kisatchie, Winn and Catahoula district
offices, and at the Forest Supervisor’s Office. Permits are free of charge.
NOTE: The self-clearing permit consists of two portions; check-in and check-out. The check-in
portion must be completed and put in the permit box before each hunt on the day of the
hunt. The check-out portion must be carried by each person while on the preserve and must
be completed and put in the permit box at the end of the day’s hunt.
When Mandatory Deer Checks are specified (see below), all hunters must check deer at the
NWMP’s main check station.


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