Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations 2019-2020 - Page 75

Leaving of ATVs and motorcycles overnight on WMAs, EXCEPT on designated
camping areas.
Use of ATVs/UTVs from two hours after
sunset to 4 a.m., EXCEPT raccoon hunters may use ATVs during nighttime raccoon take seasons only.
Use of ATVs/UTVs from March 1 - Aug.
31 EXCEPT squirrel hunters are allowed
to use ATV trails during the spring squirrel season on certain WMAs, and
EXCEPT certain trails may be open during this time period to provide access for
fishing or other purposes, and EXCEPT
allowed on Year-Round ATV/UTV Trails.
Operation of internal combustion powered vessels within designated Limited
Access Areas (LAAs) prohibited during the
months of September through January.
Trolling motors may be used to access and
navigate within LAAs. Vehicles prohibited
November through January. LAAs are on
Atchafalaya Delta, Boeuf, Dewey W. Wills,
Joyce, Manchac, Pass-A-Loutre, PointeAux-Chenes and Russell Sage WMAs. See
WMA maps for specific locations.
Operation of vessels beyond bare steerage speed (the slowest speed a vessel
can travel while maintaining directional
control) in no wake zones.
Use of special ATV trails for physically challenged persons is restricted to ATV physically challenged permittees. Physically challenged ATV permittees are restricted to
physically challenged ATV trails or other ATV
trails only as indicated on WMA maps or as
marked by sign and or paint. Persons 60
years of age or older, with proof of age, are
also allowed to use physically challenged
trails and need not obtain a permit.
However, these persons must abide by all
rules in place for these trails. Physically challenged persons under the age of 60 must
apply for and obtain a Physically Challenged
Hunter Program Permit from LDWF.
Hunters are allowed to retrieve their
own downed deer and hogs with the
aid of an ATV, EXCEPT on Atchafalaya
Delta, Biloxi, Lake Boeuf, Pass-a-Loutre,
Pointe-aux-Chenes, Salvador/Timken,
Sherburne, and Thistlethwaite WMAs,
and the Crusel Tract of Maurepas
Swamp WMA, under the following
1. No firearms or archery equipment
is in possession of the retrieval
party or on the ATV.
2. The retrieval party may consist of no
more than one ATV and one helper.
3. ATVs may not be used to locate or
search for wounded game or for
any other purpose than retrieval of
deer and hogs once they have been
legally harvested and located.
UTVs may not be used to retrieve
downed deer or hogs.
NOTE: A maximum 20 mph speed limit is
recommended for all land vehicles using
WMA roads, unless specific signage otherwise allows or restricts.
Camping on WMAs, including trailers,
houseboats, vessels, recreational vehicles and tents, is allowed only in designated areas and for a period not to
exceed 16 (EXCEPT Bodcau WMA is not
to exceed 14 days during a 30-day
period) consecutive days, regardless of
whether the camp is attended or unattended. At the end of the 16-day period
camps must be removed from the area
for at least 48 hours. Camping area use
limited exclusively to outdoor recre-
ational activities. Camping on WMAs is
available on a first-come, first-serve
basis unless otherwise specified.
Houseboats and vessels utilized for recreational activities are prohibited from
overnight mooring within WMAs
EXCEPT on stream banks adjacent to
designated camping areas. Overnight
mooring of vessels that provide lodging
for hire are prohibited on WMAs.
Houseboats and vessels shall not
impede navigation. No refuse or garwww.wlf.louisiana.gov


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