Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations 2019-2020 - Page 80

Owner: State of Louisiana (137,695 acres, Lafayette Office)
Self-Clearing Permit required for all activities. Self-clearing permits available from Main
Delta campground, Wax Delta Campground, Cul-de-sac on Big Island, and Berwick Public
Boat Launch (Jesse Fontenot Boat Launch) or through the LDWF Self-clearing Permit app or
internet/web portal. Camping and houseboat mooring allowed ONLY in designated campgrounds. Houseboat mooring allowed by permit only (see pages 73-74 for details).
Vessels/Vehicles: Mudboats or air-cooled propulsion vessels powered by more than 36 total
horsepower are prohibited on the WMA. All ATVs/UTVs, motorcycles, horses and mules
prohibited EXCEPT as permitted for authorized WMA trappers.
Big Island: CLOSED to all activities during the month of October, EXCEPT LDWF Lottery
Deer Archery (either-sex): Oct. 1 - Jan. 31 on Main Delta only (Big Island CLOSED during
October); no deer hunting on Wax Lake Delta. All harvested deer must be checked in at
Atchafalaya Delta Headquarters.
Deer Youth Lottery (either-sex): Oct. 12-13 & 19-20, daily youth hunt permit required. Call
Lafayette Office, Coastal WMAs 337-735-8667 for details.
Small Game: Same as outside EXCEPT Rabbit Only:
Wax Lake Delta: Oct. 5-31 and Feb. 1-29, with or without beagles. Nov. 1 - Jan. 31 without beagles only.
Main Delta: Feb. 1-29, with or without beagles. CLOSED October through January.
Waterfowl: Same as outside, EXCEPT shooting hours shall be 1/2 hour before sunrise to 2
p.m. during opening weekends of teal and duck season and 1/2 hour before sunrise to
sunset the remainder of the season, and EXCEPT shooting hours are the same as outside
for the Youth Hunt weekend.
Feral Hogs: May be taken by properly licensed hunters Oct. 1 - Feb. 29. In addition, hunters
may hunt feral hogs with archery equipment, shotguns loaded with buckshot or slugs or
rimfire rifles no larger than .22 caliber from Feb. 16 - March 31. All harvested hogs must
be checked in at the Atchafalaya Delta WMA headquarters.
Owner: State of Louisiana (25,730 acres); U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (2,232 acres,
Lafayette Office)
Self-Clearing Permits required for all activities.
AREA CLOSED: Oct. 26-27 to all hunters EXCEPT Youth Deer Hunters.
Deer: Deer hunting will be CLOSED when the river stage of the Atchafalaya River reaches
15 feet at Butte La Rose, and will reopen when the river stage of the Atchafalaya River
recedes to 14 feet at Butte La Rose.
2019-2020 Louisiana Hunting Regulations


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