Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations 2019-2020 - Page 98

All Pointe-aux-Chenes Property
EXCEPT Point Farm Unit and Restricted Areas
Vessels/Vehicles: Type A personal watercraft, model year 2003 and beyond, which are 8 or
more feet in length, may be operated on Pointe-aux-Chenes WMA from April 1 until the
Monday after Labor Day Weekend, from sunrise to sunset only. No person shall operate
such watercraft at a speed greater than “slow/no wake” within 100 feet of an anchored
or moored vessel, shoreline, dock, pier, persons engaged in angling or any other manually
powered vessel.
All boats powered by internal combustion engines having total horsepower above 25 Hp
are not allowed in the Grand Bayou, Montegut and Pointe-aux-Chenes water management
units. Public is permitted to travel anytime through the WMA for access purposes only, in
the waterways known as Grand Bayou, Humble Canal, Little Bayou Blue, Grand Bayou Blue,
St. Louis Canal, and Bayou Pointe-aux-Chenes unless authorized by LDWF. All ATVs/UTVs,
motorcycles, horses and mules are prohibited.
Limited Access Areas: Operation of internal combustion engines prohibited from September
through January. See WMA map for specific location.
Deer Archery (bucks only): Oct. 1-15
Deer Archery (either-sex): Oct. 16 - Feb. 15
Deer Firearms (bucks only): Nov. 29 - Dec. 1 and Dec. 14-20
Waterfowl: Same as outside, EXCEPT CLOSES at 2 p.m.
Small Game: Same as outside EXCEPT CLOSED during bucks only firearms season and OPEN
to squirrel hunting during the spring season, May 2-10, with or without dogs. Beagles prohibited October through December.
Recreational Fishing: The harvest of all fish, shrimp, crabs and crawfish is for recreational
purposes only and any commercial use is prohibited. All castnet contents shall be contained and bycatch returned to the water immediately.
Shrimp: may be taken by the use of cast nets only. During the inside open shrimp season,
25 lbs per boat or vehicle per day (heads on) maximum shall be permitted. Size count to
conform with open season requirements. During the inside closed season, 10 lbs per
boat or vehicle per day (heads on) may be taken for bait.
Oyster Harvesting: PROHIBITED
Fish: may be taken only by rod and reel or hand lines for recreational purposes only.
Crabs: may be taken only through the use of hand lines or nets; however, none are to
remain set overnight. No drop nets left unattended at any time. A maximum of 12 drop
nets may be possessed/attended per boat or vehicle. Twelve dozen crabs maximum are
allowed per boat or vehicle per day.
Crawfish: may be harvested in unrestricted portions of the WMA and shall be limited to
100 lbs per person per day. Gear used to catch crawfish shall not remain set overnight.
2019-2020 Louisiana Hunting Regulations


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