Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations 2020-2021 - Page 9

Your Tickets
By attending your local event, you can have a great
time while supporting our mission of waterfowl
and wetland conservation. To date, DU has spent
over $129 Million to conserve over 497,000 acres of
wetlands in Louisiana. And it’s all made possible by
your generous support. To find an event near you,
visit ducks.org/louisiana.
After you enjoy a day outdoors...
Enjoy the stay!
Builder of
Tiny Homes
Since 2003
Get the Fishing & Hunting Cabin or Beach Home of Your Dreams!
NO building permits! NO property taxes!
Classified as an RV
Arrives Fully Assembled - Not a Kit!
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For $500 per night, per
person, we take you on
the ultimate night hog
We use highly modified
4x4 luxury vans equipped
229-669-9748 with long range thermal
optics, hooked up to the
Thermal Sales
huge screen inside the
and Consulting
This allows us to take 4
hunters per van (2 vans),
in comfort and cover
1000’s of acres a night in
search of wild hogs.
Once we spot them
from the van or with the
thermal drone, we stalk in
very close, and try to kill
every hog we see!
If we put you in front of 20
hogs at 60 yards, with the
best gear money can buy,
how many will YOU get??
Come find out!!


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