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Group Size: 5 - 300 Guests
$99 per person; 90 minute event
A twist on the classic Escape Room craze, guests are invited by their planners to attend a
reception or meeting, only to find out on arrival they will have 60 minutes to work as a team
to “break out”. A modern day scavenger hunt, this team builder fits perfect into a cocktail
hour or as a great bonding option. The puzzle and clues are customized for each group
and each event so there is literally no chance for a repeat experience. Pricing will vary
based on the number of participants and groups should allow for 90 minutes of game time.
Group Size: 20 - 300 Guests
$75 per person; minimum of 20 people
1.5 hour event
Fly fishing is known for its very specific angling movement and unique lures. In this
challenge, teams will learn the casting technique and try their hands at landing their lines in
specific targets. In addition, a lesson on hand making lures just to turn around and discover
they need to make one themselves for judging.
Group Size: 10 - 100 Guests
$79 per person; 1.5—2.5 hour event
It’s always the right time to play golf but in this activity we have added a creative twist to this
classic game – you have to build your own course before you can play it! Your group will be
divided into teams; each team will receive a variety of materials that are to be used to build
one miniature golf hole. The number of holes you build will depend on the number of
participants within your group. We recommend 3-8 people per hole. This is a project that
emphasizes creativity, communication, collaboration, teamwork and of course FUN!

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