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River Valley Cooperative
Okay I’ll admit I completely hate to clean. I
try to click my heals and say, “please make
this home clean, please make this home
clean” on a regular basis, but no such luck.
I’ve come to the conclusion that it must
truly have to do with those ruby red shoes
and the fact that don’t own a pair. (YetI’ll be searching Amazon tonight!) Even
though it’s not my favorite pastime, I
know it’s a necessity.
Quick side note… I am raising three boys.
My two littlest are three and five, and my
husband is thirty-eight.
My farm loving men keep me on my toes
and my floors filthy. I often want to lose
my mind after moping the floors only
to find muddy shoe prints less than ten
minutes later. With that said, I try to
remind myself this dirt is not just dirt and
here is why.
My husband and I made a choice to raise
our children on a farm because of our
upbringing and the values we gained from
that life. So, for every dirty footprint there
is hopefully a story.
It might be from the trench my oldest
son is digging in his sandbox so he and
his younger brother can lay pipe just like
the “tile guys” do in our fields. Their bond
is so strong, and their creativity shines
through every day.
The dirt might be from the manure they
walked through to do chores with daddy
as they told him about their day. As a
mother, these moments make my day feel
complete. The smiles and laughter are
abundant from the little ones as pride
beams from their father.
The dirt might be from the field they got to
walk because mommy had to scout a field.
I know I mentioned their father’s pride,
but I’m pretty sure mine tops it. I often
tell our children we have to work hard in
order to play hard, and thankfully I’m able
to practice what I preach to them.
So, the next time you worry that your
home isn’t clean ask yourself if it really
matters at the end of the day. Find the
reasons to smile when you look at your
dirty floors. It might be from tiny feet
being young and free or it might be from
your own dedicated hard-working boots.
Remember dirt is just dirt with a story
behind it.

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