2019 SYHealth Highlights FINAL - Page 11

n September 2018, John David Carroll received life-changing
news from his doctor confirming his worst fear---he had
colorectal cancer. The following year consisted of treatment
and keeping his spirits uplifted through his charismatic actions
and the strong support of his family and friends.
As John neared treatment completion and made progress to
eradicate the cancer, he was relieved and grateful that he was
screened in time for key intervention. At this point, John felt
that the best way to celebrate his recovery was to give back.He
contacted San Ysidro Health (SYHealth) with the intent to help
everyone in our community access colorectal screenings.
With this in mind, and through his expansive network of
friends and colleagues, John introduced SYHealth to the Pacific
Southwest Association of Realtors and designated SYHealth as a
recipient of funds raised through their annual Zombie Run. John
also organized a Paella Party fundraiser at his home to support
colorectal screenings at SYHealth.
“I want people to know what the symptoms are and not hide
from them. And, the great thing is people are getting screened.
That’s everything to me! It makes me feel like a champ because I
want to be an advocate and to make sure people know what to
look for. My goal from the start is to pass the love and information
to people and to spread the word about rectal cancer.”
Susan Carroll, Antonietta McGuirk, John David Carroll,
and Ana Melgoza during fundraiser for colorectal
You don’t have to be a patient of SYHealth to provide our
patients a fighting chance at beating cancer and living!
We appreciate gifts of time, talent and treasure.
Get involved, donate today at


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