2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 13

e believe that all Bay Area residents
should live in homes they can afford in
neighborhoods where they feel that they
belong. Today, too many Black, Latinx, and
Indigenous families are being displaced
from their homes and communities in the
Bay Area. And too many small businesses
owned by local people of color can no longer
afford to keep their doors open as costs rise.
The goal of the Place Pathway is to create
and preserve communities where people
of different races can live, work, create,
worship, and belong.
Housing is a core component of our work
to advance racial equity and economic
inclusion. Having stable, affordable homes
for all our residents is essential to creating a
diverse, vibrant, thriving Bay Area.
We support community organizations that
work to keep people in their homes and that
help people return to their communities
Residents and community members celebrate the new
Alice Griffith public housing development, part of HOPE
SF, in San Francisco in 2018. Photo by Bashir Anastas.
if they’ve been forced out. We work with
a wide variety of partners to address
the region’s housing challenges through
advocacy, organizing, and building
community power.
Our work supports efforts to ensure that
neighborhoods thrive and residents have
abundant local opportunities. We provide
funding and advocacy support for local
arts organizations that advance racial
equity and economic inclusion, build power
around community priorities, and serve as
cultural anchors in their communities. To
help strengthen the neighborhoods where
Black, Latinx, and Indigenous residents
live, we support culturally relevant, trusted
local organizations with leaders who
reflect the communities they serve. These
organizations partner with residents
to connect them with resources and
opportunities, provide a clear path for selfdetermination, and allow residents to feel
rooted in their communities.

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