2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 17

n order to create a Bay Area where
everyone thrives, we are working to make
sure that everyone’s voice is heard loud
and clear. Making sure that every voice is
heard is much more than just a phrase—it
is an essential component of equity. We
are committed to a Bay Area in which
communities whose voices have been
ignored can shape the decisions that affect
their lives. Communities of color deserve
the right to exercise their individual and
community leadership.
Our goal is to make sure that they have the
tools and resources they need to build an
equitable and inclusive democracy.
The Power Pathway is working to support
an agenda that is driven by people of color
and people who have been systematically
denied economic opportunities. These
communities are creating an infrastructure
for building power across the region.
Members of Asian Immigrant Women
Advocates march in the 2019 Women’s March.
Photo courtesy Asian Immigrant Women
Advocates, a foundation grantee.
We support neighborhood leaders,
grassroots organizations, faith leaders,
civic leaders, and others to build a
movement that ensures that all members of
the community can get and keep a good job,
have an affordable home, and live in a place
where they feel that they belong. These
benefits don’t just happen—they are the
result of organizing, electoral strength, and
communities standing up for what is right.
We support organizations and individuals
who are driving an agenda to ensure that
they have a voice in the policy decisions that
affect their lives so we can all realize the full
potential of our democracy. We make grants,
advocate for policies, provide leadership
training, and bring people together to build
community power and make change in the
community a reality. When a community is
empowered, its residents help drive policies
that are responsive to their needs and
that, in turn, make their communities even

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