2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 2

I never thought I’d write an annual report
letter quite like this one, and I hope I never
have to again. This year has tested each and
every person in our Bay Area community and
across the country. And as I write this, we
are facing down the most consequential
presidential election in modern history. So
much hangs in the balance.
Annual reports by their nature are a look
back at what we have achieved, but this is
also very much a look forward at what we are
capable of as a community. During a year of
attacks on immigrants, a deepening housing
crisis, a global pandemic that has claimed
hundreds of thousands of lives, historic levels
of unemployment, and a national movement
against anti-Black racism, the San Francisco
Foundation’s north star of advancing racial
equity and economic inclusion in the Bay
Area is more prominent and important than
ever before.
When we launched our equity strategy four
years ago, it was with the understanding
that ensuring racial equity in our community
requires dismantling inequalities that are
embedded in the structures of our society.
Since that time, we have committed
ourselves to doing just that, and 2020 was a
painful reminder of just how important that
goal is and how far we have to go.
In this moment, I’m proud to be a Black
leader in philanthropy and serving the Bay
Area, where I was born and raised. Our
community continues to step up when the
systems and people meant to represent us
2020 Annual Report
do not. I am profoundly proud of the staff of
the San Francisco Foundation for rising to
the challenge of this year. They are the most
dedicated, talented, caring people I know,
and as the crises of the past year unfolded,
they adapted with grace and fortitude. On
the following pages you will read about how
we are attempting to meet the moment
and seize the opportunity to realize
transformative change.
I’m equally proud and grateful to stand in
community with our donors, funders, and
partners in this shared work to advance
equity. It is your confidence and investment
in our organization that allows this great
work to happen. I sincerely thank you for
your commitment, and I look forward to
your partnership in the coming year, which
promises to test us in ways that we can’t
imagine. We will stand strong in solidarity
with one another and continue to be agile,
adaptive, and most of all deeply committed
to the people of the Bay Area.
With gratitude and in solidarity,
Fred Blackwell
Chief Executive Officer
San Francisco Foundation

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