2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 21

olicy decisions set the rules that have
profound impacts on the individuals,
families, and communities we care so
deeply about. Public policy determines who
pays, who decides, and who benefits in
our communities and the region. Changing
policy can create more inclusive institutions,
dismantle structural inequality, and advance equity at a scale that can touch and
improve lives across the region.
As a community foundation, supporting
and amplifying policy and systems change
efforts is one of the most important tools
we can use to advance racial equity and
economic inclusion in the Bay Area. We
work with community and advocacy
organizations at the local, regional, state,
and national level to identify policy solutions
that are backed up by research and informed by the lived experiences of Bay Area
people and families. We support policy and
systems change at the local, regional, and
state level through grantmaking, convening
diverse multi-sector stakeholders, research,
and bringing our civic leadership and voice.
Our recent priority policy efforts have
focused on protecting tenants, affordable
housing, worker rights (including immigrant
worker rights), and fines and fees related to
the criminal legal system.
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy rally
in Oakland. Photo by Annette Bernhardt.

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