2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 22

Highlights of Policy Victories in 2020
Advancing powerful legislation to address
California’s housing challenge
ast year, California Governor Newsom
signed into law one of the nation’s most
far-reaching packages of bills designed to
prevent homelessness, protect tenants from
eviction, preserve existing affordable homes,
and make it possible to create new homes for
thousands of Californians. We collaborated
with a coalition of diverse grantees and allies
who are working to preserve existing affordable homes, protect the families in them, and
produce more housing at all income levels.
Highlights of the housing legislation included
AB 1482 — now the strongest law of its kind
in the country — which prevents rent-gouging by limiting extreme or unreasonable rent
increases and provides protections against
discriminatory and retaliatory evictions.
Another bill from the package, AB 1487,
established a regional housing agency for the
Bay Area and authorized the ability to seek
revenue in support of affordable housing
production and preservation and tenant
Addressing unfair fines and fees
In September 2020 Governor Newsom
signed AB 1869 (The Families over Fees Act)
into law. The bill eliminates 23 racist, unjust
court-ordered fees — fees charged to use
a public defender, fees to be booked into
jail, fees to be on probation, and many more.
The bill also waives $16 billion in debt from
fees charged in the past. These exorbitant
fees stripped wealth from and attempted
to balance the cost of mass incarceration
on communities of color. It’s been a long,
2020 Annual Report
coalition-building journey, and San Francisco
Foundation supported it from the early
days along with many of our partners and
Preventing evictions during COVID-19
The foundation was active at the local,
regional, and state level, working to protect
California residents in the midst of the pandemic. We participated in press conferences,
signed onto letters of support, and worked
through official channels to pass eviction
moratoriums and get governments to invest
in eviction defense services. The COVID-19
pandemic, economic recession, and our
country’s reckoning with racial justice has
laid bare the vast structural inequalities in so
many of our systems. As we grapple with how
to recover, reimagine, and rebuild, we see
our support of community-led policy change
efforts as more important than ever.
Prop 15 - Advancing the work of Schools
and Communities First
The foundation supported the effort to collect
the 1.7 million signatures necessary to qualify Proposition 15 for the 2020 ballot, and we
have supported extensive field and advocacy
work to get it passed. In September, we hosted a series of online events to help educate
and engage voters and our donors.
Protecting California’s elections
We worked closely with foundations across
California to urge California’s Secretary of
State to establish guidelines for statewide
voting options and to invest the resources
necessary to ensure that those most impacted by the health and economic crises can
properly exercise their right to vote.

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