2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 25

he San Francisco Foundation has
responded to the challenges and
opportunities of the Bay Area for more than
70 years. In that time, we have developed
lasting relationships and invested in longterm transformative work in neighborhoods
throughout the region. Over the years, we
have created the following programs that
are integral to our vision of equity in the
Bay Area.
The Foundation Alliance with Interfaith to
Heal Society, known as FAITHS, enhances
the work of faith-based organizations
to organize and advocate for equitable
policies and improve community services
in their neighborhoods and collectively for
the region. Since its creation in 1993, the
program has built an interfaith network of
more than 600 congregations and other
faith-based organizations that address
critical community issues in the Bay Area,
such as civic and cultural engagement,
criminal justice reform, immigration reform,
and affordable housing.
SFF’s 2019-2021 Multicultural Fellowship
Program fellows (from left to right): Haewon
Asfaw, Grecia Mannah-Ayon, Amy Silva, and
Joshua Lee
Daniel E. Koshland Civic Unity Program
The Koshland program was established
in 1982 by the San Francisco Foundation
as a memorial to one of our founders and
major benefactors, Daniel E. Koshland,
a businessman and philanthropist who
was committed to making the Bay Area a
better place for all. The Koshland program
recognizes Bay Area grassroots risktakers and makes a five-year, $300,000
investment in their community. To date,
the program has cultivated more than
500 fellows in nearly 30 neighborhoods
throughout the Bay Area. The Koshland
Civic Unity Program Fellows are proven
bridge builders in their community, making
connections and building a sense of
Multicultural Fellowship Program
The Multicultural Fellowship Program
provides two-year fellowships at the San
Francisco Foundation to emerging leaders
of color to provide them with experience,
knowledge, and networking opportunities
within the power structure of philanthropy
to increase racial equity and economic
inclusion in the Bay Area. For more than
30 years, the Multicultural Fellowship has
been a career accelerator for leaders who
are motivated, creative agents of change.

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