2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 6

Our Vision
magine a Bay Area where everyone thrives.
This is a place where every resident can
make a good living and leave a nest egg for
the next generation. It’s a Bay Area where
everyone has an affordable place to call
home, and where each person can use
their voice to shape the decisions that
affect their lives. It’s a place where
everyone feels that they belong. We can
walk down our streets and see the
businesses around us owned by members
of our community, preserving our diverse
cul-ture. Our kids can go to a school that
allows them to feel safe and grounded and
that prepares them for success. Our
prospects for success have no relationship
to our zip code or the color of our skin.
This is our goal. We know that there is
much work to do to achieve this vision, and
we be-lieve that this brighter future is
worth striving toward. This future we
envision is better for everyone. This is what
we at the San Francisco Foundation are
working to achieve. We hope you’ll join us
in building it.
Pathways Towards
Greater Racial Equity and
Economic Inclusion
The San Francisco Foundation makes
change in a variety of ways:
We make grants to support our equity
agenda in three focus areas that we call
our People, Place, and Power Pathways.
2020 Annual Report
These three pathways interact in a variety of
ways and are all focused on advancing racial
equity and economic inclusion.
We partner with other funders and institutions on a wide array of efforts.
We partner with our donors to advance the
equity agenda with a broad range of philanthropic giving in the community.
We use the power of our own endowment, as
well as donor-directed funds, to make direct
investments into the community.
We use our civic voice to advocate for policies and practices to advance racial equity
and economic inclusion across the region.
Recover, Reimagine,
At this moment of public health crisis, economic downturn, and ongoing state-sanctioned violence, we embrace a long-term
approach moving through recovery to a
reimagination and rebuilding of the systems
and institutions that shape and constrain
how we live our lives.
Recover: We support a just economic recovery in service to racial and economic equity
Reimagine: We will take the opportunity
of this moment to reimagine systems and
institutions that are equitable, just, and built
in solidarity with community
Rebuild: We will bring our radical imagination
for a racially just world to the work of rebuilding systems and institutions

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