2020 SFF AnnualReport - Page 9

e believe that all Bay Area residents
should be able to make a good living
and build long-term financial well-being for
their families and communities.
Today, one third of residents have virtually no
savings that would allow them to purchase
an affordable home or pay for an emergency,
for car repairs so they can get to work, or for
other pressing needs. This comes as a result
of policies that have discriminated against
Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people and
people struggling to make ends meet for
far too long. These policies have decided
who gets to attend a good school or get a
well-paying job. They have made it difficult
for people of color to get a loan, buy a home,
or open a business—the most powerful
ways that people build financial security and
wealth and put their children on a brighter
The People Pathway is dedicated to changing this reality so that people of color who
were earning low wages will be financially
Photo courtesy of BAYCAT, a foundation grantee. BAYCAT
provides education, mentorship, and job placement
for people of color and women in media and creative
stable and able to begin creating savings for
the future.
We know that building wealth is not just a
personal act, it’s an act of community building. We believe that community ownership
of land and businesses will begin to chip
away at the barriers keeping people of color
and people earning low wages from gaining
and sustaining wealth. We support efforts to
ensure that workers are paid fairly and have
a say in their workplace. We also support
organizations that help workers use their
collective power to hold employers accountable to provide a livable wage, good benefits,
and policies such as parental leave and fair
chance employment.
We want young people of color to get the
best start, but too often they attend schools
where the deck is stacked against them.
We partner with organizations that support
students of color to develop leadership skills
to advocate for practices and policies that
will allow them to thrive.

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