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Babington Mills
High Fiber Forage Based Feeds
Signature Series Forage Feeds
Feeds designed the way a horse is supposed to eat.
Babington Omega-H:
High fiber, high fat, low starch, low sugar feed for horses requiring
conditioning with a slow released sustainable energy. Additional Omega for
anti-inflammatory and immunity plus Lactmos for added digestive support.
Fiber 25% Protein 13.5% Fat 13%
Babington Omega-P:
High fiber, high fat, low sugar feed for optimum performance with faster
released energy derived from whole oats. Additional Omega for antiinflammatory and immunity plus Lactmos for added digestive support.
Fiber 25% Protein 12% Fat 13.5%
Babington Platinum Muesli:
A textured low sugar, low starch feed developed for the maturing horse with
additional nutritional needs. Flaked peas provide a unique source of additional
protein. Can be made into a mash for horses struggling to chew.
Fiber 20% Protein 14% Fat 10%
Feeds designed without compromise. Using only ingredients that are
of benefit to the horse. High Fiber. Low Starch. Corn and Molasses
Free. Complete balanced nutrition with a focus on digestive health.
Feed your horse the difference. Feed Babington Mills Original
and Signature Forage Feeds.
Manufactured by: Babington Mills , LLC
251 West Shore Drive, Hamburg, PA 19526 • 215-767-9093


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