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Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Prize Money Distribution & Special Class Desriptions
Prize Money Distribution: Prize money will be distributed as follows for all classes offering $25,000 or
more: 30% for 1st, 22% for 2nd, 13% for 3rd, 8% for 4th, 6% for 5th, 5% for 6th, 4% for 7th, 3% for 8th and 9th,
and 2% for 10th, 11th, and 12th. For all other classes, prize money will be distributed as follows: 25%, 15%,
13%, 12%, 10%, 9%, 8%, 8%. See the class schedule for all details, fence heights, specifications, entry fees and
prize money and awards.
To enter a Classic or Stake you must have entered another class in that division. Zone 1 and USEF Rules
apply to all Jumper Classes. To enter into the Championship, you must have competed in another class in
that division, no exceptions.
High Jr/Am & Low Owner Jumper: Horses in both the low and High Jr./Am Jumpers must be recorded with the
entered rider as the owner of the horse in question with the USEF
Developing Jumper: Open to all - no cross-entry restriction. See class listing times and specifications for details.
Schooling Jumpers both low and high: Open to all - no cross-entry restriction. See class schedule and
specifications for details.
Master’s Division: There will be three Classes and the rider must be a minimum of 45 years of age. Verticals to
1.05m and oxers not to exceed 1.0m. All combinations will be vertical to oxer or vertical to vertical to be inviting.
Oxers will not exceed 1.0m in width. Proper formal attire for the master’s Classic required.
$10,000.00 Tequestrian Farm - Kevin Babington Benefit Classic: This 1.35M class will be run as a classic
with clear rounds coming back after the first round is complete. Riders will be asked to specify the percentage
of their winnings in this class in particular that will be donated to The Babington Family Trust, although
donations of prize money will be accepted in all classes.
JR Hudson Horse Transport Gamblers Choice: - run @1.15M – 1,25M II.1 Fences will be marked with point
values and riders will have ninety seconds to jump as many fences accumulating the maximum number of
points. Knock downs result in zero points earned and will not be reset during the class and as such will not be
open to jump again.
$7,500.00 GGT Footing Welcome Stake: The course to be set at 1.45M and Class to be scored as a Table II.2.a,
also horses and riders will return in the “Agero Grand Prix” based on their placing in the “Welcome Stake”.
Riders not showing a horse in the “Welcome” will be added to the top of the posted order in the “Grand Prix”.
Low Children’s & Adult Jumpers: Low Children’s and Adult Jumpers will run in accordance with standard
fence heights and widths at 1.05M in each of the three classes in each respective division. Proper Attire
High Child and High Adult Jumpers: Open to Child & Adult Amateur riders. Class specifications as stated in
current Zone specifications. Fences from 1.10m (3’5”) Proper Attire Required.
The Stud Tree -1.35M Mini Prix II.2a: This classic will require formal attire and be run following opening
ceremonies Sunday June 14, 2020
The Agero Grand Prix: -@1.50M- II.2a: This is a National Standard Grand Prix


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