Silver Oak Jumper Tournament 2020 - Page 29

Silver Oak Jumper Tournament
Rules & Regulations
Week 1 Tent Stabiling
Week 2 Tent Stabiling
Week 1 Permanent Barns (Red Barns)
Week 2 Permanent Barns (Red Barns)
Late Tent Stalls:
Late Permananet Barns:
$360 if available
$325 if available
Additional Fees:
USEF Fee & Drug/Medication
USHJA Horse Fee
Office fee
Late Entry fee
Incomplete entry form (per omission)
Grounds fee not showing
Scratch Show fee
Stall Night watch fee Mandatory
Add or Scratch Class
Jumper Nomination
Late Jumper Nomination
Pre-Order Only Golf Cart weekly
(call for availably) $350
RV Space $350 on or before closing date
RV Space $400 on after closing date if available
Initial order should be on stall Form
Hay, grain and bedding may be purchased on the grounds and must be ordered in the Show Office. For same day delivery, feed
orders must be received prior to 12:00 PM. For feed orders and deliveries prior to arrival, please use the per-show order form
included in the Prize List or contact Julie Agar, show secretary at or 1-248-892-6806
Manual poling and use of offsets are prohibited. Any rider or trainer found poling or using offsets and/or who, in the opinion
of the judges or committee, uses their whip or spurs in an excessive manner, will be immediately eliminated from the class
where the incident occurred, be suspended from further showing for a twenty-four hour period and will forfeit all entry
fees for that class. Any horse upon which a violation of the manual poling and/or use of bamboo offset rule is perpetrated
will be suspended from competition for a twenty-four hour period starting from the time of incident and forfeit all entry
fees. Further violations by that exhibitor on the same horse or another horse will result in said exhibitor being barred from
any further competition at this show. All incidents may be reported by the USEF Steward to the USEF for possible further
The order of go for the Grand Prix will be the reverse order of placements in the Welcome Stake. The times and faults in the
first round of those horses who completed but were not placed in the Welcome Stake, will determine their order of go. There
will be a separate draw for those horses that did not complete the course in the Welcome Stake and they will go before those
horses that completed the Welcome Stake. An additional draw will be used for horses that did not enter the Welcome; these
horses will go before those horses that entered the Welcome Stake. The Welcome Stake winner will go last.
Prize Money will be awarded to the recipient of record on the entry form provided there is a valid US social security number
or a federal identification number. Prize money will be applied to the exhibitor account; any amounts earned in excess of
fees will be mailed within 30 days of the completion of the show. International competitors will be required to submit


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