Spring 2019 Sysmex News - Page 10

New Customer
Resource Center
(CRC) is Coming!
Sysmex is excited to announce that the Customer
Resource Center (CRC) website is getting a
makeover this summer!
The CRC has been serving Sysmex customers
in the US and Canada for over a decade. During
this time, a lot of changes have taken place in
the healthcare field – the Affordable Care Act,
evidence-based medicine, continuum of care, and
Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) just
to name a few. Personal electronic devices also
became more sophisticated and universal, driving
changes in the way we prefer to get information
and entertainment.
As a result of these developments and the
feedback we received from customers (thank you!),
the CRC is now being upgraded to provide a more
intuitive experience. These changes include:
Access to analyzer status indicators at a
glance (previously available to My Sysmex™
subscribers only)
Improved search and navigation of contents,
based on your analyzer model(s)
Icon-based product alert notifications
One-stop-shop for accessing various
Sysmex programs online, including Insight,
BeyondCareSM Quality Monitor (BCQM)
and webinars
Easier CRC registration for your new
staff members
…and more!
Experience it for yourself by accessing your CRC
(www.sysmex.com/crc) in July. We look forward
to your continued collaborations to advance the
future of healthcare.
10 | NEWS
Lab Week at Sysmex
This year many of us will be celebrating National Medical
Laboratory Professionals Week which focuses on thanking
and recognizing the unsung heroes of healthcare—the lab!
Sysmex values your contribution to the health and healing
of all people. We realize the years of education and training
you endured and the countless times you skipped break or
stayed late to make sure your patients received the most
accurate results.

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