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Visit for more information regarding the Sysmex parameters or contact the Sysmex
Clinical Support Team at
IPF Overview
The Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF%) and the Immature Platelet Count (IPF#) are Advanced Clinical
Parameters developed to help physicians understand the pathophysiological mechanisms in the differential
diagnosis of thrombocytopenia. Measurement of immaturity is based on increased amounts of nucleic acid
in the platelet, similar to the principle of identifying reticulated red cells. The relative and absolute number of
immature platelets can assist in determining if a thrombocytopenia is due to decreased platelet production
by the bone marrow or increased peripheral consumption/destruction of platelets. The IPF% parameter is
available on Sysmex’s XE-SeriesTM and select XN-SeriesTM automated hematology analzyers. The IPF# parameter
is offered on XN-Series analyzers running version 19D software.
In 2017, Sysmex determined reference range intervals to support utilization of the IPF parameter in the
clinical setting. This study of healthy adults, which included 129 females and 118 males, showed the combined
normal range for IPF% to be 1.2% - 8.6 %, and the IPF# range to be 3.6 – 20.0 x103/µL. These results show
good correlation to several independent studies found in the literature. For more information regarding these
studies and use of the IPF parameter with various patient populations, please refer to the Sysmex Value-Driven
Laboratory white paper Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF): An insight into assessment and treatment of platelet
disorders found on the Customer Resource Center website, which is available to Sysmex customers..

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