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September-November 2018
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President's Message and
President's Message
Letter from the Editor
by Abby Beytin
TABCO Turns 100
Cheryl Bost Takes
the Helm
The Life of an
Association Rep
Master Agreement
New Teacher
and much more!
We are living in turbulent times.
Finger pointing and blaming one side or the other doesn’t fix the problems at all.
to begin listening to one another while still holding onto our values and convictions.
We need
That is no easy task.
While we listen to each side throwing mud at the other, those who revel in the hate come out the winners.
Those who want
our elected officials to work out compromises and move forward are left watching the battles from the sidelines.
I know it is
much easier to hate those who don’t agree with us, but it will eventually rip our nation apart.
What is the way forward when we are faced with this dilemma?
leave the haters to mudsling and call those they disagree with
We can hunker down and go to our prospective corners and
less than human.
the hate to fester and throw us further into the downward spiral.
By dehumanizing the other side, we enable
See President's Message page 3.

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