TABCO Bulletin Fall 2018 - Page 10

NTO - New Teachers Learn
and Network
On two fine sunny days this past August, about 900 new
Noteable Quotes
teachers and other school personnel gathered at Perry Hall
High School for New Teacher Orientation.
volunteers stood in the parking lot starting at 7:00 am to
greet them and welcome them to their new career. Quite a
few new teachers had already joined our Union at
their benefits meetings. At the NTO, new teachers used a
coupon for a free breakfast granola bar and asked questions.
Most moved on to become our newest members. Excited
Among the things our leaders have been
and eager, they walked briskly into the building to attend
saying lately...
sessions such as Pedagogical Content, Equity in Action,
Classroom Management, and Professionalism.
There was
even a keynote speaker - Sean McComb,
2014 National Teacher of the Year who hails from
Baltimore County. There were content sessions by
In addition,
there were stations set up by
various partners of BCPS such as health insurers, retirement
specialists, our credit union, employee benefits
resources to name a few.
I’m oddly proud to receive an F rating from
the NRA…
and teacher
Their tables were laden with
freebies such as pencils, magnets, candy and cold drink
Ben Jealous
The freebies might not have been expensive but, to
paraphrase a popular television commercial; the advice –
Abby Beytin
A vibrant nation needs to have people
willing to serve whether it is for a seat on the school board,
county council, as governor of our state or any other
number of races.
Malcom Williams, a new math and science teacher at
Carney Elementary and 2017 graduate of Morgan State
University had this to say, “ I was introduced to equity
concepts and am just taking in the whole experience. I
Verletta White
Maslow before Bloom.
The care of the
actually met teachers I’ll be working with and saw my old
physical and mental well-being of the students must be
teacher and principal from my old high school (Western
secured before learning can take place.
Jenneil Lewin, a newly minted 3rd grade teacher at
Sandalwood Elementary reflected, “I think that I spent a lot
of time learning the basics in college but this experience
today is where my real education started.”
Recent graduates and first year teachers were not the only
From the desk of Abby Beytin
Heather Hannah-Leverett, a new itinerant
teacher of Visually Impaired students is a veteran teacher in
another area.
She commented, “This is the start of a brand
new avenue in my career.
I’m super excited!
I’ll be
applying all my years of experience and learning from
graduate programs to a whole new area.”
Welcome to our new TABCO Bulletin Editor!
As many of you are aware our Bulletin has a new
We welcome Billie Muñoz, an ESOL
Teacher in Baltimore County as well as an active
member in TABCO, to the Bulletin Editor position.
Billie has accepted the task and has gotten right to
The Bulletin takes time, patience, great
writing skills, as well as editing skills.
We have
been blessed with wonderful editors over the years
and believe Billie will add her signature to our
publication as well.
We look forward to working
with Billie on the Bulletin.
Thank you, Billie, for
your willingness to take on this important work.
One of our newest members receives a prize basket
at NTO

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