TABCO Bulletin Fall 2018 - Page 11

New UniServ Director Hits the Ground Running
Question - What is a UniServ director?
Definition from the NEA Website below
General Description of the Job: The UniServ Director assists local affiliates and individual NEA members in
organizational and program development designed to: increase and maintain association membership;
implement the mission, vision and strategic goals of the Association by supporting the articulated
programmatic priorities; strengthen and improve the welfare of members; and enhance the public education
climate for members and for their students.
Amy Maloney, new UniServ Director
UniServ Director, Amy Maloney, has only been with TABCO since August.
She comes to us from
Annapolis where she was a longtime lobbyist for MSEA and from Howard County where she served
as a UniServ Director.
Part of her job is to “prevent fires” and the other part of her job is to “put fires
She has had the opportunity to do both since taking on her job with TABCO.
Teachers generally contact their UniServ Director when there are concerns.
The Director goes to
their assigned schools in accordance with the new standard geographical map that divides Baltimore
County into East, West and Central Zones.
Each zone has two elementary directors and one
secondary. Amy, who serves schools mostly in the West Zone, works to find out what the problems
are and offer solutions in accordance with the Master Agreement (MA).
not being followed.
Sometimes the MA is simply
Perhaps the teachers and other staff members are being asked to take on
additional unpaid duties besides the four obligatory duty days per year in the MA.
Another point of
contention might be situations where students who have behaved in a disruptive or unsafe manner are
sent back to classrooms by an administrator without a required conference between all involved
Amy has skillfully and diplomatically attended to these types of concerns with the
administrative team.
This assures school staff that their problems are being addressed and gives them
a feeling of empowerment which enables them to work more effectively.
notes, answers questions and gives staff feedback.
Amy listens, takes copious
She acts as a balm over troubled waters.
Besides considering legality, Best Practices may be the best tool in a UniServ Director’s kit. There
are Best Practices that govern hall supervision, detentions, arrival and departure procedures.
It is
amazing what improvements can be made in a short time when the administrators and staff work
together towards attainable goals. Amy stays in close contact with the school until everyone is
satisfied with the progress made.
Amy believes strongly that Faculty Councils are a “must have.”
The Master Agreement clearly
states the need and expectation of all schools having a Faculty Council.
UniServ Directors assist
schools in establishing and maintaining a Faculty Council composed of TABCO members at the
It is through Faculty Council that issues as mundane as having sufficient copiers and as
complex as observation procedures and teacher safety can be addressed.
Welcome, Amy, to TABCO and Baltimore County!
We are so happy you have joined us.

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