TABCO Bulletin Fall 2018 - Page 13

The Proclamation
The Unveiling of the Portrait
When TABCO was founded, World War I coming to a close.
killing more people than the war itself.
The Spanish Flu was in full pandemic mode, eventually
The car was, if not in its infancy, in its early adolescence. The Model T is the one
most people associate with the era, but Ford was really revolutionary for the production line it innovated.
look back on 1918 and find a mirror for our own times, perhaps we should focus on the Sedition Act.
If we want to
A broadening of the
Espionage Act, the Sedition Act basically prohibited any speech or publication deemed to place the US Government in a
negative light.
It was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson and later repealed in 1920 after the end of World War
I made it no longer necessary. TABCO was there for teachers and other school professionals then, and it is there for
teachers and other school professionals now.
On Friday, November 9, 2018, TABCO members and guests gathered to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the founding
of TABCO as well as the “grand opening” of TABCO’s new offices at 1220 C East Joppa Road. Planning for this event
began over a year ago. TABCO-Retired members Angela Leitzer and Roxann Russo were appointed as co-chairpersons to
lead the committee, which included retired members Jane Sacks, Barbara Tyler and Mary Ellen Vecchioni, as well as
President Abby Beytin, Executive Director Glen Galante and Vice President Marcie Cooke.
In anticipation of the celebration, two original volumes of TABCO minutes dated 1918 to 1947 were rescued from their
tattered condition to be rebound and recovered. Many other historical documents, including photographs and a copy of the
1947 “handbook” containing the four-page TABCO Constitution and Bylaws were discovered and utilized in a historical
display located in the reception area at the new office.
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Back row--S. Sirkin, E. Veit, R. Suarez, M. Beytin
Front--Past BCPS Superintendent R. Dubel; C. Bost, A. Beytin, J. Piccinini; current BCPS Superintendent
V. White

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