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President's Message continued from Front Page
Or, we can seek common ground with those who are not caught in the hate cycle and work for solutions
and compromises in which each side can see some beneficial results.
everything he/she wishes to receive.
In this world no one ever gets
As the old Rolling Stone song goes, “You can’t always get what you
want, but if you try sometimes you find you get what you need.”
First thing to do is find reliable sources for your information.
If someone says one thing one day, and the
opposite the next and claims both are truthful, you know you can’t rely on that person’s judgement nor
trust anything he/she says.
Likewise, if you read information in depth from reliable sources instead of just
the headlines, you gain a much better understanding of that issue.
Speak with folks you wouldn’t normally talk to about those topics on which you know you will most likely
Even if it is just about the weather, you can find some common ground for a discussion.
It is much
harder to vilify someone you know on a personnel level, and vice versa.
Editor's Message continued from Page 2
As I write these words, I cannot believe what I am writing.
But it’s been about 20 years since Columbine, roughly 11 years
since Virginia Tech, 5 years since Sandy Hook and only months since Stoneman Douglass in Florida.
tragedies are decreasing and everyone knows the old ways are no longer enough.
desks in case of nuclear attack.
That seems so laughable now.
The spaces between the
I am from the generation that hid under the
My colleagues are from the generation of hiding quietly
behind a closed door and hoping the intruder will not have the means to enter.
That is now equally laughable.
“laughable,” I mean as the poet Byron said, that which we do “so that we may not weep.”
The new plan is ALICE (Alert,
Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate), a protocol that puts the decision into the hands of the teachers, other school
personnel and even the students. Under ALICE, the idea is to let the specific circumstances and our own good sense mandate
the action.
Everyone understands that barricading a door is more effective than simply locking it.
is the most desirable solution as long as the shooter is not in the immediate vicinity.
Most agree that evacuation
If the shooter is on the second floor and
you are on the first, the best decision may be to run as fast as you can out of the building and to a zone deemed to be safe in the
Many feel that code phrases such as “yellow alert” leave victims in the dark in terms of the threat they are facing. So
now, a voice on the intercom will be as specific as possible. What is not so certain is the idea of countering: distracting the
shooter with whatever is on hand.
We need to meet as a profession, study and listen to the professionals (first responders) and
come up with a protocol for how to train the children. Times have changed.
made a good start.
It’s clear we must adapt to the times.
We have
Let’s continue to evolve our policy intelligently and learn from the sad lessons of the past 20 years.
TABCO Bulletin Circulation 8,260 Volume 42 September-November 2018
The Newsletter of the Teachers Association of Baltimore County, an affiliate of the Maryland State Teachers Association and the National
Education Association
Teachers Association of Baltimore County 1220 C E. Joppa Rd Suite 514 Towson, MD 21286
President: Abby Beytin
Vice President: Marcie Cook Treasurer: John R. Wilkins Secretary: Lora Zerrlaut
Board of Directors
District I Nicole Caple, Beverly Folkoff, Seth I Rich
District II Vernon Fains, Charles Fluharty, Cindy Sexton
District III Lisa Norrington, Toni Parry, Frank Soda
Bulletin Editor Billie H. Muñoz (please put TABCO Bulletin in subject)
The Bulletin is now published four times a year. Ideas and articles welcomed but subject to editing. Names witheld upon request..

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