TABCO Bulletin Fall 2018 - Page 4

Master Agreement 101 continued from page 2
...shall be the exclusive representative of all certificated,
professional personnel school nurses except administrative
and supervisory personnel and employees named by the Board
of Education to act in a negotiating capacity as specified in
Subsection 6-408 of the negotiations law.
As indicated in this Article I, TABCO is designated as the
exclusive representative of all certified, professional personnel
including school nurses. TABCO does not and cannot
represent administrative / supervisory personnel. This means
that TABCO is the organization as defined by school code that
is legally bound to negotiate your MA.
The current MA between TABCO and BCPS consists of
twenty-two (22) articles and seven (7) appendixes. You can
visit or to obtain a copy of the
MA. You can also download the TABCO App on iPhone and
Google. The App is free and found in the respective App
Two other Articles you should review and become familiar
with are:
ARTICLE IV – Faculty Councils
4.2 The basic purpose of the Faculty Council is to establish
and maintain positive relationships and communications
among the faculty and staff. The council shall also serve as the
vehicle by which proposed changes in existing policies and
practices, and new policies and practices, for each school may
be considered and may be subject for discussion at any
Faculty Council-principal meeting.
As you read through the rest of the Article you will discover
that the Faculty Council is a very important part of the school
structure and provides a vehicle for the staff to have a say in
school policies and practice. Please contact your UniServ
Director if your school does not have an operating Faculty
22nd Annual Legislative Breakfast
Safe and Scholarly Schools
This is your chance to be heard by
politicians as the experts from the
Sat. Jan 5, 9 am-11am
This article identifies many different clauses that directly
Red Lion Inn
impact your working conditions. Here are a few:
• Health & Safety •
• Additional Responsibilities • Assignments
• Curriculum Changes

Lutherville - Timonium 21093
• Preparation, Planning, and Duty-free Lunch
• Faculty Meetings
2400 Greenspring Dr.
Regular School Day
Non-teaching Duties
RSVP by Dec.

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