TABCO Bulletin Fall 2018 - Page 7

Election in the Rearview Mirror
It’s time to reflect on the Midterm Elections of 2018. Most importantly, we won Constitutional Amendment 1- called Fix the Fund. This
will bring casino revenue into our schools as additional funding instead of replacement funding.
Governor Hogan won re-election on Election Day. At the same time veto-proof majorities of his opposing party were maintained in both
houses of the legislature. It seems that Maryland will get four more years of divided government.
General Election 2018 was a victory for TABCO and all educators in Baltimore County. Critically, we won a County Executive who is a
former teacher and member. Even more critically, this new Executive understands the need to raise pay for educators if we want to keep
our veteran teachers and attract our next generation. Johnny Olszewski’s win means there will be a serious discussion around what it
takes to fund our schools in order to get a World Class education.
On the County Council there was no significant change. Izzy Patoka took over for Vicki Almond and everyone else held firm. The new
County Executive’s efforts to fund schools will have to go through the council and this could be the place where our efforts should be
focused. Our council is very moderate and revenue will be controversial. TABCO members will have to play their part to create a climate
where increasing resources to go to schools is more popular than tax increases are disliked. This will not be easy- but we can do it.
On our newly elected school board- two veteran educators will take seats at Greenwood in December: Rod McMillion and Cheryl
Pasteur- both TABCO recommended candidates. We fought for other current and former educators to get on the board but various forces
conspired to deny us those wins. Going forward we will be keeping an active scorecard for board members on issues our members care
about. Soon, these board members will have to make hard decisions and create a record for themselves. Make no mistake- we will use
that scorecard to decide our actions in the next election and our lessons learned on Tuesday will make us even more effective. In addition
to the 7 elected school board members, the Governor has appointed 4 at-large members.
In our state delegation, Kathy Klausmeier senator from District 8, has been re-elected. Kathy was TABCO recommended and her
daughter Krista is a teacher and TABCO leader. Kathy was targeted by the current governor in an attempt to exert his will- including his
efforts to cut public education funding and to divert public resources to private education. Kathy’s win means Maryland will have a better
shot at passing our new public education funding plan, Kirwan, or Thornton II, one that will also involve the political will to find more
money for public education. Clarence Lam won the open District 12 senate seat. TABCO recommended Senator-Elect Lam and has
worked with him extensively when he was a delegate. Of note is Robbie Leonard’s performance in his effort to win Jim Brochin’s
vacant Senate seat. He came within 1904 votes of Chris West in a very conservative district. Expect to see more of Robbie! He was
TABCO recommended and would be a champion for public education.
In the house MSDE board member and TABCO recommended candidate Michelle Guyton won in 42B and Harry Bhandari, a Baltimore
City school teacher, won in District 8. These are good public education candidates and we will hold them to their words on supporting
public education.
These are the highlights. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want MSEA’s deeper analysis. I may be reached at Our next order of business is preparing...
See Election on page 8

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